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Sex act where after eating a bunch of peppers you take a dump on someone and it's so spicy it burns their chest.
example She said the mexican hot chocolate was so spicy it left red marks on her tits.
#cleaveland steamer #golden shower #hot carl #dirty sanchez #dirty dolphin
by justin timberfake February 05, 2015
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This move takes three people.

One of the people will lay under a man and woman having anal sex with their mouth open under the sexual organs. The woman will preferably have diarrhea. As the man gets close to ejaculating, the woman should begin to defecate. It's very important for the man to wait to ejaculate until he feels the warmth of runny feces. At this point, the mixture of cum and feces should dribble into the third parties mouth, creating a delicious treat known simply as Mexican hot chocolate.
She said she wanted a delicious treat, so my girlfriend and I took her back to our place and made her a nice warm Mexican hot chocolate.
#mexican #hot #chocolate #cocoa #anal #penis #sex #treat #delicious
by KbMOFO February 12, 2008
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