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When a dirty slut has multiple men ejaculate in her mouth in a single sexual experience, the slut must be able to not swollow until after the last seahorse has been evacuated from the final contestants testies.
Man, Sally is such a hot looking slut, we should get her drunk one night and give her a mexican fish bowl.
by Christobon December 18, 2007
11 7
When you unhook the chain on the tank of the toilet. You then shit in the tank. The next person to use the toilet is in for a surprise. Revenge is yours . He has to clean the "Mexican Fish Bowl"
"Is Dave coming to the party?"

"No last year that bastard gave the main toilet a Mexican fish bowl. It took a ladle to get that shit out"
by Dirty Dirk 47 January 11, 2014
2 0