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An alcoholic shot.

1.25 oz. Tequila (chilled, the colder the better)
A drop of Tabasco sauce

Small piece of a Dill Pickle.

Chill the Absolut Peppar & pour into an appropriate shot glass.

Put a small amount of Tabasco on the divot created by the webbing between the Knuckles of your thumb & pointer finger on the backside of your hand (where you would normally place the salt when taking a tequila shot).

The small piece of pickle is ideally used as a chaser. Or,

1. Lick the Tabasco
2. Shoot the tequila
3. Eat the pickle
4. Repeat
I blacked out last night from all of the mexican cheeseburgers at the bar.
by jundyjones December 05, 2010
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