The act of sitting on a woman's face with your testicles covering her eyes (like a blindfold) then proceeding to take a dump on her head.
I just gave that woman a mexican blindfold and she enjoyed it.
by El Gringo the third March 08, 2009
Top Definition
The act of taking a poo across someones eyes when they are passed out so when they wake up they try to get whatever it is off their eyes and just smear it everywhere so they cant see.
Me and Cody got so fucked last night, and when we woke up we had mexican blindfolds on.
by Cody Wilson (loc) June 24, 2006
A term which has strange sexual connotation but no real definition. It was created out of a drunken stupor and suggest truly revolting things. An interesting threat or insult to use on people who can't figure out what the hell it means.
"Shut up before I give you a Mexican Bandana, yeah thats right, you won't like it..."
by Masternutcher August 26, 2004
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