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A child's game played on a trampoline. It consist of 3+ individuals who bounce ferociously on the trampoline trying to knock each other down without making physical contact. The first to fall is beat down or kicked and punched until he/she gets back up and the game continues. If two or more fall they can be subject to a beat down as well.

The game originated in 1998-1999 at a place called "The Manor" in Hemstead, Long Island, NY.
"Lets go to Mike's and play Mexican Beatdown"

Mom, "Where did you get that black eye?"
Son, "Why playing Mexican Beatdown of course"
by Jacornonthecob August 23, 2011
A move in any of the Halo games, where a player sneaks up on an opponent around a corner, while crouching; then flips onto the enemy.
"Yo guy! I'ma Mexican Beat-Down your ass!"
by Ariiel-Mariah July 26, 2008
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