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When a girl's sexhole reeks of old mexican queso and bean dip.
Example 1:

::Mary enters stage left::

Suzanne: "Woah Mary... did you just go eat Mexican? Your stink slapped me in the face when you walked in..."

Mary: "Ummm.. no. Had chinese?"

Suzanne: "Oh, must be your stank ass mexi-vag..."

Mary: "YUP guess so!!! :DDDDDDD"


Example 2:

Dylan: "Hey man, what's wrong?"

Daniel: "I can't get this nasty mexican taste out of my mouth. My girlfriend Mary has a stank ass mexi-vag..."

Dylan: "Sorry dude... you're gonna be snacking on that fury for a long time."
by jendey24 November 04, 2009
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