Usually very sexy male or female from mexico.
damn thats one sexy mexi!
by ryanisfine April 19, 2005
Top Definition
an individual who is MEXICAN!
hey, mexi. wheres fe-mexi?
by Dali June 04, 2003
Weed which originates in Mexico.
He let's fire up some mexi and then we'll toke the good stuff later when the bitches get here.
by Andrew January 20, 2004
a guy who loves his gf to death yet is half afraid of her. he is european yet often mistaken as mexican. hobbies include soccer, baseball and IM. he lives under a polac's bed
mexi and mary are secretly having an affair
#antonym: ana #related words: monkey #your mom #straight #wimp
by Mexi555 March 13, 2008
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