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The moustache that defined a nation.

A very sparse, dark moustache found on gangly mexican adoloscents (girls & boys).
When I kissed Guadalupe goodnight, her mexi stash tickled my lip. It was love.
by AshleyLauren November 28, 2005
hair that is spotty and very dirty on a little mexican. it is also gangly and very straight.
wow look at that dirty mexi stash on Alex Marquardt
by mexi man December 06, 2006
A "weak" mustache that is grown by a 15 or 16 year old that doesnt shave. Mexistashes consist of just peach fuzz.
"Al has a mexistash"
by will November 29, 2003
a mustash that mexicans have that shadow their upper lip.
I have a thing for guys who have a mexistash!
by fghjkjh February 25, 2008
A mexican stash on a white person...CHAYSE..
"Chayse..nice mexistash.." "stop guys..."
A hidden collection of Mexican Cannabis.
Hey, someone found my mexistash and smoked it all.
by Miiiiikkkkkeeee April 29, 2008
That handlebar mustache that you see 4 out of 5 mexican's having.
oooh look -- Mexi-Stash!
by fuckhead joe June 10, 2007