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Most excellent
"wow those tacos were mexcellent"
by Steve January 08, 2003
13 19
somthing that is mexican and excellent
That girl's ass is mexcellent!
by mexcellent K July 22, 2003
81 19
Exelent in the Mexican sense.
Dude, that Chevy Nova lowrider is mexelent.
by Arlen June 03, 2003
55 26
When something is excellent in Mexico, or involving Mexicans.
that's mexcellent, ici.
by Charles Schmarwin July 28, 2005
25 16
A combination of the words "mexican" and "excellent", used to describe something that is so great that no other adjective that can get the point across.
"Have you been to Destructoid.com?"

"Hell yeah, that site is mexcellent."
by Coonskin August 05, 2008
7 5
see minteresting, the lesser of the two ultimate contractions, meaning most excellent... spawned in my mind as a direct consequence of Bill and Ted's Journeys and Adventures, bogus and otherwise...
just a better manner of expressing ones joy.
Other person "yo man, i finally got paid, AND we are gettin laid tonight!"
Me "mexcellent dude..."
by KitSteel April 16, 2007
12 12
Something really good that hails from Mexico.
This tamale (tequila, beer, etc.)is mexcellent.
by Cyclops7 October 09, 2009
2 4