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It is where a Jew man sucks the cock or shall it be called the blood from the cock of a Jew infant. This form of cock sucking is called suction or the metzitzah technique which is preformed during Brit milah which is a Jew ceremony for male circumcision. It is most often preformed in a snyogue where people watch and cheer for the child getting his cock sucked for the first time.
Person 1 Damn look at that line coming out of the synagogue, it stretches down the street!!
Person 2 O, cool, there must be a metzitzah going on……
Person 1, metzitzah… what the fuck is that?
Person 2 OMG forreals? Your so stupid, its when all the gay jew men from a given city line up to suck the cock of an 8 day old who is being circumcises. OMFG, get with the program.
by lovedmymetzitzah October 04, 2012