another example of American society's unwillingness, or perhaps inability, to embrace a diverse, pluralistic society by creating absurd definitions and labels that are based on irrational fears of sexuality, socially ingrained stereotypes, and in general, a thoughtless, mindless, unexperienced, rigged, and isolated American way of life.
contrary to conventional wisdom, personal hygiene, skin care, and a positive self image are not directly correlated with sucking penis...there are countless examples of this arcross the word. if you need specifics we imagine you lack substatial life experience.
by jem June 22, 2004
A man that takes care of his body like a woman. For example; laser hair removal treatments, waxings, makeup. Pedicures and manicures. Now not all hetro-metrosexual's have to do all these things together to be labeled as such. Some may only enjoy body lotions and professional massages. Another only paint his toenails. Myself for example; I'm a hetro metrosexual who paints his toenails blue, purple, or any color he wants; he gets brazilian laser treatments, body lotions; also professional massages to relieve body aches and stress; he does not wear make-up that's his own personal line he will not cross. I also get leg waxings. Yet another man may only wear make-up yet do none of the other things, I just mentioned. We are all different all have are own unique tastes in how we feel comfortable in our own skin. And really that's all it's about being comfortable in your own skin; were all different all unique. But we are all 100% attracted to the opposite sex. No bi-curiosity whatsoever!
That guy isn't gay he's hetro metrosexual. I've seen him with his Wife he can't get enough of her. And when a hot looking woman walks by he looks twice! Never seen him look at a man.
by xbox360blue July 24, 2015
A male individual that usually has more feminine qualities, is concerned what they look and dress like, and usually obsessed with gaining weight. Metrosexuals can usually be found at a restaurant eating only organic food choices and salads. Meat is a rare choice on a menu for a metrosexual rather prefer wild salmon. A metrosexual would be found going on shopping runs during their 30 minute office lunch instead of hanging out with the men discussing sports. They call themselved the ADONIS because they are not quite sure of what they really want...He might be gay, straight or bisexual, but this is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love object and pleasure as his sexual preference
the metrosexual in a casual office atmosphere that dresses up in a suit wearing a pin on his lapel, while others are dressed in jeans 5 days a week. This individual in concerned about his butt looking too big in a pair of pants and always worried what his girfriends will think....
by figs99 November 19, 2013
A young man who has refined tastes in urban art, fashion, cuisine, literature, high culture and generally processes liberal political and social views. Despite common misconceptions metrosexuality can encompass all sexual orientations and doesn't always suggest homosexuality.
1) The character James Bond and actors Tom Hardy and Brad Pitt can be considered metrosexual.

2) Chris:"Why does that man have 10 pairs of shoes?"

John:"It's because he's metrosexual. I've meet him before and he's very good at parties."
by Devil'sAdvocate August 25, 2010
One whom has sex with trains, locomotives, or other forms of railed transportation.
I always knew Roy was a metrosexual." "R-R-Roy likes to have sex with trains!?
by SilverPrime June 08, 2010
Gay, with a hint of straight.
My mom told me that she loves the way my boyfriend dresses ans think that he is gay. I told her no but he might me metrosexual
by Vinny Jay August 24, 2014
A person who is sexually attracted to public transportation
Guy 1: Damn, that bullet train is sexy!
Guy 2: Gross, you're a metrosexual!
Guy 1: I can't help it! I was born this way!
Guy 2: Shut up, everyone knows metrosexuality is a choice.
by Escobar Crews June 02, 2015
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