A straight man that WAIT FOR IT.........can shop for himself and is concerned about how he looks.
Redneck dude: what are you, a fuckin queer?

Metrosexual guy: Just because I look better than you doesn't mean you have to be an ass.

Redneck dude: *glares and walks away*

Actual gay guy: mmmm well aren't we manly standing up for ourselves. *tries to make a move*

Metro guy: sorry dude I'm not gay.

Gay guy: wow you had me fooled!

Metro guy: that is an amazing jacket!
by thunder156 April 08, 2009
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A man that takes care of his body like a woman. For example; laser hair removal treatments, waxings, makeup. Pedicures and manicures. Now not all metrosexual men have to do all these things together to be labeled as such. Some may only enjoy body lotions and professional massages. Another only paint his toenails. Myself for example; I'm metrosexual who paints his toenails blue, purple, or any color he wants; he gets brazilian laser treatments, body lotions; also professional massages to relieve body aches and stress; he does not wear make-up that's his own personal line he will not cross. I also get leg waxings. Yet another man may only wear make-up yet do none of the other things, I just mentioned. We are all different all have are own unique tastes in how we feel comfortable in our own skin. And really that's all it's about being comfortable in your own skin; were all different all unique. But some are attracted 100% to the opposite sex. Some are bi-sexual and some are just 100% gay. But I myself I'm only attracted to women only. I like the muffin not the pole cause I'm Metrosexual and proud of it. Metrosexual is just a way of explaining that a man takes great care of how the takes care of his body. It's a way of living professional massages pedicures manicures nice clothes. Also Metrosexual men have a high sex drive. If sex is not available then masturbation takes its place.
That guy isn't Gay he's just a high maintenance man aka "Metrosexual". Who cares about he looks. I asked him, and he said he stopped caring what other people thinks of him a long time ago! So what if he has smooth legs from all the leg waxing he gets. Who cares if he paints his toenails or wears lotions. I always see him all the time, looking at any hot looking women that comes into view. Never once have I ever seen him look at a man!
by xbox360blue October 20, 2015
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A funny way of saying gay
“Ashton Kutcher’s a metrosexual and he’s cool

“No he’s gay
by Alibaster Slim August 06, 2012
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A man who spends more time in the bathroom, more money on hair & skin products, goes to the salon more, and has more culinary & interior decorating knowledge than most women.
by Krista December 18, 2003
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by Omega Death May 19, 2005
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A metrosexual is a man that, unlike the historical habits of the average male, showers daily. He is a man that has a lack of ignorance and arrogance towards others, women specifically. He does not always spend large amounts of money on clothes, which is a common misconception. He merely takes pride in his appearance and is a gentleman in all manners of the definition. A metrosexual is a man that knows masculinity is not about being rude and dirty, but being a well dressed, well groomed gentleman. Men not of this stature commonly mock these characteristics due to their own insecurities and jealousies. Those that lick the capacity of style and cleanliness have difficulty accepting the metrosexual concept.
Brad Pitt
Jude Law
George Clooney
Topher Grace

(Millions of women can't be wrong)
by Kristofer December 31, 2004
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A straight man who appears to be gay because he practices the dressing and grooming habits of a homosexual
Gay men are anoyed because they are often deceived by metrosexuals
by Joshua Baker August 03, 2003
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