a pimp slick sly devil mother fucker. a complex person a man by all means on the planet but made fun of for the simple mistake of thinking this guy was gay. a man who makes all other men jealous because they want to be just like he is. One who eats, drink, breaths, and even wipes his own ass wtih some sort of style. someone who can get all the pussy on the earth because of this guys insane mack. a guy who irons every damn thing in his closet, even his boxers because when its time for the pants to come off for the ladies, they all like a pressed pair of briefs. a man who could rewrite a dictionary cause hes always commin up with out of this world ideas.
ladies, you kno how i do metro-sexual in every way.
by free willie July 28, 2006
When someone's sexuality is questionable. When they are presumed straight but have homosexual tendencies that pose question. An undefined or unsure sexual preference.
The way he expressed himself during that episode definately made me think he is Metro-Sexual.
by L Boogie January 20, 2006
a french person who,when reading from a french text book ,you cant determien there sex
they are a metro sexual
"yo chris,sup?"
naff mate.
aii,u know is pierre a boy or girl??
"dunno,proberly a metro-sexual!".
by izzyh January 26, 2008
A straight guy who care about skin, apperance, and hair. Also, a guy who have good and understand the style of fashion and have a very touch of feminie as a guy is senstive! I am metrosexual, which I am proud that I am! In fact, lot of metrosexual people out there these days (today). I think in the future, there will be more metrosexual than heterosexual (manly) here in American and in Europe as well (Also in another countries if there are any metrosexual personality)
I use the products to take care of my skin and hair. The more I use them and use new products, the more I proud of myself!
by Auzy May 25, 2004
a straight homie that acts like a gay dude for some reason unknown
Quit aking like a metro-sexual, ok guy.
by bo October 27, 2003
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