A guy who's in fact so gay that he's affraid to be fucked in the ass.
Hey, don't you think that metro sexual from the marketing department would be happier if he'd recognize he was gay?
#teddy boy #dolly #dandi #faggot #queer
by Obetrol November 26, 2005
Please refer to www.metrosexual.com.
There is a website as mentioned above that addresses this concept.
by Aribeth April 25, 2005
Man whose sexual organ mesures one meter (metro is latin for meter which equals about 12 inches).
He is hung like a metrosexual.
#metro #meter #metrosexual #man #sexual
by Yoova August 24, 2006
A male who gets manicures and pedicures and botox injections see John Kerry.
John Kerry and John Edwards are a couple of metrosexual homosexuals.
by mmm hmmm October 29, 2004
Urban educated man who is secure enough in himself to not be threatened by being sophisticated. He defines his own self image outside of traditional male stereotypes. He makes his own defintion of what it means to be a man.
I man who can dress in skin tight black rubber go to a fetish BDSM ball and relish in dominating submissive women.
by Cat MacLeod January 22, 2004
an educated male.
here's twenty letters. happy?
Martha: Wow that guy sure dresses well!
Jim: Yeah, he must be a metrosexual.
Martha: Damn, that's neat.
#fashion #metro #queer eye for the straight guy #health #beauty
by adwag June 21, 2006
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