Metro sexual means that your gay but your nto willing to admit you like dick
he is a fag..No am not am a "metro sexual
by Notgiven. March 23, 2006
ok, i don't really have a good definition of "metrosexual" but I am sick of hearing some realation to homosexuality. I am a bisexual man, and I look straight as shit. Sometimes I don't shower for days, I like sports, and play van halen on my guitar.
nothing to do with gay man or bisexuals
by trillokid April 23, 2005
A well dressed, hygenic straight man who is often mistaken for being gay. Isn't afraid to wear pants that fit or "gay" colored shirts. A metrosexual realizes that masculinity is not about being "tough". Metrosexuals are often popular with the ladies.
Joe: "I am insecure about my sexuality, and so I'm going to make fun of guys that aren't! DOWN WITH METROSEXUALS!"
by Chaos Llama April 21, 2005
"A straight man with class"
Tommy one day decided to where womens perfume and go to the bananna republic. This is a case of metrosexuality!!!
by Buzzin Bitch April 05, 2005
someone who has sex on a train j/k ;)
tom cruise in risky business
by megan May 21, 2004
Metrosexual is a man an touch with his femanine side loves to pamper himself.
FOR EG. DAVID BECKHAM, BEN AFFLECK, boy bands like BLUE, AARON KWOK, Taiwanese pop star Vanness Wu, Hrithik Roshan.
by KIT LAM March 09, 2004
A man who has managed to be in the closet for too long and hasnt experienced a real guy. A liar who knows thier gay. Gay man who doesnt have the balls to admit it. A gay man trying to get into heaven.
No straight man shops at express or banana so dont think because you do your metrosexual...its because you are gay
by gaymdboi March 20, 2006

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