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A male who behaves like a female that acts like a guy. A very confusing fad to go by. They somehow believe a male can be more manly by getting in touch with their feminine instincts, but I doubt it exists. Can be seen with the girls shopping at the mall buying stuff per womans' approval. Never buying sporting goods.
Metro: I'm looking for latte makers?
Me: Try upstairs by the restrooms.
by Sales Associate December 07, 2003
Intellectual, well dressed men who get ignorantly dubbed as homosexual just for being better looking than the average male population.
Celebrity Metrosexuals include Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman
by suburbanpictionary.com December 06, 2003
a stright guy who dresses gay, takes care of himself like a gay guy would. a metrosexual also confuses gay men.
1. dresses well/ fashionable/ has good taste
2. uses moisturizer
3. compy with his sexuality
4. looks good
by Shoshana November 24, 2003
a man who love fashion,parfum,gucci,louis vuitton bags...
dressed like a model versus 99prct men dress as truck drivers
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
Metro sexual means that your gay but your nto willing to admit you like dick
he is a fag..No am not am a "metro sexual
by Notgiven. March 23, 2006
ok, i don't really have a good definition of "metrosexual" but I am sick of hearing some realation to homosexuality. I am a bisexual man, and I look straight as shit. Sometimes I don't shower for days, I like sports, and play van halen on my guitar.
nothing to do with gay man or bisexuals
by trillokid April 23, 2005
A well dressed, hygenic straight man who is often mistaken for being gay. Isn't afraid to wear pants that fit or "gay" colored shirts. A metrosexual realizes that masculinity is not about being "tough". Metrosexuals are often popular with the ladies.
Joe: "I am insecure about my sexuality, and so I'm going to make fun of guys that aren't! DOWN WITH METROSEXUALS!"
by Chaos Llama April 21, 2005