In most of the US: A straight male who is often mistaken as homosexual because of the way he looks/talks/dresses. Metrosexuals are usually into good grooming and healthy habits.

In the southern US: Any man who showers three or more times a week.
Southern Definition:
A) Liek, woah, you smell naice billybob, didja take a showerr las' week?

Billybob: No, ah showerr evvy day!

A) Billybob, yer sucha metrosexual.
by RayBan February 16, 2004
A sophiticated staright man who cares about how he smells and whats in style. Some people may think metrosexual men to be gay as a first impression but later find out hes straight. Metrosexual men keep up with whats in stlyle, and if i were to ask a metrosexual "is giorgio armani's spring line cool?" they could confidently say yes. In the show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy the goal is to make a guy who is 'too' straight into a metro sexual. They may have some female influence in their style, but its more of things that are in style.
P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Pharell, Will Smith, and Justin Timberlake are good examples of metrosexual men.
by SoFreshAndSoClean February 07, 2004
a straight man that appears gay because he is well groomed: uses product in his hair, never wears sandals without having a pedicure, and makes sure his socks match his posh clothing. smells good too
a straight guy that has the queer eye
by calicarol December 07, 2003
a stright guy who dresses gay, takes care of himself like a gay guy would. a metrosexual also confuses gay men.
1. dresses well/ fashionable/ has good taste
2. uses moisturizer
3. compy with his sexuality
4. looks good
by Shoshana November 24, 2003
gay and really badly in denial
"ryan's metrosexual, he likes putting his cock inside other men but he doesn't shout about it"
by leahlols May 12, 2008
A man who has managed to be in the closet for too long and hasnt experienced a real guy. A liar who knows thier gay. Gay man who doesnt have the balls to admit it. A gay man trying to get into heaven.
No straight man shops at express or banana so dont think because you do your metrosexual...its because you are gay
by gaymdboi March 20, 2006
Male person who believes Men should look after appearance as much as most Women do.

Nothing to do with having a feminine side or wearing tight pants.
" I like to look good because my girlfriend looks good for me so I will look good for her"
by powersoccer April 06, 2005

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