A male who behaves like a female that acts like a guy. A very confusing fad to go by. They somehow believe a male can be more manly by getting in touch with their feminine instincts, but I doubt it exists. Can be seen with the girls shopping at the mall buying stuff per womans' approval. Never buying sporting goods.
Metro: I'm looking for latte makers?
Me: Try upstairs by the restrooms.
by Sales Associate December 07, 2003
Defining a straight man who is very in tune to hip, urban lifestyle. He is immaculate in his appearance and doesn't mind spending huge amounts of money on clothing and shoes as well as skin and hair products. He also may spend large amounts of time in a gym or health facility because of his obsession with his body. Although he is straight, his trendy, stylish appearance may be more closely associated with that of a gay male.
gay best friend
by CazualTee November 24, 2003
tricky term for a guy who's actually straight, but everyone thinks he's gay 'cause he's so in touch with his feminine side.
Mik's definitely metro. I mean, he wears girl's hotpants!
Droo won't admit he's metro cuz he thinks it means he's homo, but obviously from the above definition, i'm not saying he's gay!
by typh July 17, 2003
A new term in the English lexicon being used to describe attractive, well dressed, and sucessful men who are sought after by the opposite sex. This word came into use mainly by Beta Males because calling these men outright fags or homosexuals became overly used and exposed their jealousy and catiness that traditionally was ascribed to feminine behavior.
Tom Cruise, Jeff Gordan, Fabio, Leonardo Dicaprio, Metrosexual
by Hopey Changey November 28, 2009
Metro sexual means that your gay but your nto willing to admit you like dick
he is a fag..No am not am a "metro sexual
by Notgiven. March 23, 2006
Having had sexual relations with someone on the metro or subway or other form of mass transit.
Michael met me at the station and we had a quick metrosexual encounter on the way back uptown.
by Kymber March 22, 2006
a hetrosexual man who is well groomed and dressed nice.
a hetrosexual man who is well groomed and dresses nice.
by robert garcia May 20, 2005
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