guy who cares more about his dress than the prepiest girl in the world. Guy who is extremely curious about some female passtimes, such as wearing high-healed shoes, "experimenting" with make-up and skincare products, and the like. A Guy who manages to look sharp 99% of the time and in spite of all of this, still manages to be completely strait.
That metrosexual kid is scary, but he's cute...i'm glad he's not gay.
by gigi23 March 31, 2005
heterosexual male who breaks with stereotypical male behavior by clinging to aestethics more than is accepted by the average testosterone level.
Frank despises sandals but loves his blue suede Timberlands
by Nescio December 27, 2004
a straight person who dresses up like a gay person like wearing tight tops and etc u know
only one example RYAN MATHERS
by daryl rolland November 24, 2004
(noun) although seemingly gay, a straight guy who always dresses for the club and obsesses about his appearence.
My girlfriend left me for a metrosexual body builder named brian she met at a night club.
by vee bee January 21, 2004
A straight man that tends to do feminine things that actually improve his looks, though he may become inflated at times obsessing in front of the mirror. But remember this, he claims he's NOT gay, having no desires for other men.
"The 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' show turns ordinary slobs into stunning metrosexuals, who now compete with their girlfriends to have more time to prep in the bathroom."
by Doggonecutsy December 27, 2003
A male whose behaviour is similar to a female that acts like a guy. The feminist ideal of what a male role model should be.
Phil Donahue
by Greek December 13, 2003
a metro sexual is a straight person who likes pempering himself with facial, manicures and massages
When a guy pretends he is straight but he does things that girls due.
by josue December 08, 2003
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