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(noun) although seemingly gay, a straight guy who always dresses for the club and obsesses about his appearence.
My girlfriend left me for a metrosexual body builder named brian she met at a night club.
by vee bee January 21, 2004
A straight man that tends to do feminine things that actually improve his looks, though he may become inflated at times obsessing in front of the mirror. But remember this, he claims he's NOT gay, having no desires for other men.
"The 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' show turns ordinary slobs into stunning metrosexuals, who now compete with their girlfriends to have more time to prep in the bathroom."
by Doggonecutsy December 27, 2003
a metro sexual is a straight person who likes pempering himself with facial, manicures and massages
When a guy pretends he is straight but he does things that girls due.
by josue December 08, 2003
A man who is in touch with his feminine side - although not gay and is straight. Has a passion for "what would be usually considered women" products. Takes care of his body, his dress, and appearance. Loves his "urban" lifestyle.
May even carry a "Man Bag"
A guy who is a Metrosexual may be into the following things: Moisturizing; face peels; concealers; antiwrinkle cream; lip moisturizers; powder/foundation - to even out skin tones; clear/tinted eyebrow gel; clear mascara - to keep lashes in place; may use a light color eyebrow pencil - to make then more pronounced and stand out; may wear light brown (natural shades of eyeshadow); waxes/plucks eyebrows; highlights/perms his hair; uses shine products in his hair; may have earrings in both ears; shaves: arms, legs, bikini, area toes underarms, may polish or buff his nails - or wear clear black grey blue or copper colors, thumb rings, ankle bracelets, toerings, has a love for lotions and body sprays (Bath & Body works), may have his nipples pierced, has different sunglasses to match his outfits, has a passion for slide sandals in multiple colors - so he can show his pedicure off, has belts to match his shoes. Has a different cologne for every day of the week. Has a major love for shoes, loves to shop, understands why a woman has 20 pairs of black shoes.
by Michala December 05, 2003
A: Homosexual in denial.
B: Excuse to dress gay, feeding the inner homosexual.
Ben Affleck is a metrosexual.
by A. Nonimo November 10, 2003
A pathetic loser who has fallen into the consumer trap of thinking that he needs ultra-expensive but utterly useless skin care\hair care products and has a taste in clothing that would make a circus clown blush with embarassment.
It's really in th best interest of large corporations to turn us all into the ideal consumer,...a metrosexual.
by Aramchek November 05, 2003
Stylish, urban dwelling straight male, known for his savvy with clothing, his subscription to Kiplinger's, and who has all three of the following in his home:
1. a full set of silverware
2. books on a bookshelf that have actually been read
3. pomade
"My last boyfriend was a metrosexual. He spent just as much time on his hair as i did."
by Anonymous August 13, 2003