Technically, the word was created improperly and is very much misnamed. Sexual should be taken out of the word because the sexual part of metro sexual is merely to relate the term to homosexual. In actuallity, metrosexuality has nothing to do with sexuality at all. A metrosexual is just a man who cares a great deal about outward appearance and sensitivity.
That sensitivity wannabe is such a pseudo-metrosexual.
by Jonathan December 01, 2004
Males who are concerned with their looks more than the average female. A metrosexual generally takes a signifigant amount of time in the bathroom "grooming" themselves before going out. They often get quite upset or even aggressive when their hair is touched, and refuse to go outside in the rain. Spiked bleached hair and tan skin is common among metrosexuals, but it is not necessary. A metrosexual can be gay, but they often are not.

Also called prettyboy, fruity, or foppish.
Those guys with the Mark McGrath haircuts are such metrosexuals!
by Mr.3d PHD March 03, 2008
metro sexual is a modern enlighted, sort of renaissance man. Secure and confident, capable and cool, typically well educated and stylish. Heterosexual with a twist,not gay by any means,but he prob. has a few gay friends,can easily be mistaken for gay by rednecks and jock types. the only straight guy in a fabric store or antique shop who is not being dragged there by a woman.
the men who actually watch Queer Eye for style tips
by cbyerchic February 12, 2005
Well educated, secure, knows what he wants in his life. Believes in quality than quantity. Definitely, not gay, always want to make sure he is up to date in fashion, style, and usually the trend maker, open to new things as long it is viable!
Tom Cruise, Leonardo DeCaprio
by Joy February 21, 2004
(met.roh.SEK.shoo.ul) n. An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle.
—metrosexuality n.
You are totaly a Metro Sexual dude!
by Drew April 19, 2004
A term coined in the mid-90's by British journalist Mark Simpson. He defined it as applying to men regardless of sexual orientation, but he first applied it to David Beckham, apparently as an alternative to “heterosexual”, with which it obviously rhymes. Mark Simpson’s definition starts: “The typical metrosexual is a young man with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis . . .” In current use, it almost always applies to straight guys; but with the inference that their fascination with fashion and appearance matches stereotyped assumptions about gays. Thus, it's something of a third alternative to the hetero-/homosexual dichotomy: an urban straight guy with stereotypical “gay” interests. At first it was a neutral descriptive, and was jumped on by marketing types eager to start selling more overpriced clothes and skin/hair products to notoriously shopping-shy males. But as it evolved in mainstream use, the term gradually picked up a pejorative connotation, much as its close cousin, “yuppie”, did in prior decades; not because of its sexual implications, but rather because of its “snotty, rich young show-off trying too hard” image, and the vague sour-grapes suspicion that such guys get to sleep with hotter and classier women. Although the term has become pejorative, it hasn't stopped the practice. There are still plenty of metrosexuals (and yuppies); they just wouldn't want to be called that.

It has spawned a counter-term: “retrosexual”, presumably a guy whose preferred evening wear is jeans or Dockers, an untucked Bengal-striped dress shirt, white gym socks and Kenneth Cole loafers. There's also a synonym: uber-sexual, which is basically a celebrity willing to flaunt his metrosexuality (e.g., Beckham). The latter word hasn't really caught on.
OK, I may have enough metrosexual in me to drop 400 bucks for a pair of Ferragamos, but I'm damned if I'll start highlighting my hair. That's a line in the metrosexual sand I'm not crossing.
by JerseyJohn April 20, 2006
The term "Metrosexual" (Metropolitan Heterosexual) is defined by it's social psychological relationship to homophobia in it's counterpart: Rural Heterosexuality.

Isolated, these terms suggest the magnitude of personal contacts the metropolitan heterosexual (metro-sexual) encounters with lesbians and gay men represents higher altitudes of social acceptance for gay culture. Whereas, in less populated vicinities, (less people = less gays) heterosexuals will be less likely to accurately define the world entirely in heterosexual terms since they have less to compare their "straitness".
New Yorkers dress like metrosexuals.
by Brinnie May 03, 2005
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