A homosexual guy who is either in denial of his sexuality, or refuses to have sex with other men.
Jane: That guy is metro.
Jack: There is no such thing as a metrosexual. He's gay in denial.
by Brian June 18, 2006
1) A man who acts as the "gay sterotype,"however is hetrosexual at the time.

2) A girl's best friend

3) A boy's rival for girls

4) A gay boy's dream (Until he finds out)

Wears tight clothes, high picthed voice, loves to go shopping, etc. are signs to a metrosexual person.
by .Silence. May 12, 2006
A male with extremely good fashion sense and hairstyle, but he isn't gay.
Half the guys at this gig are metrosexual!
I can't believe he's wearing a pink shirt.
by Emylee March 15, 2006
Somebody who's so ambivalent about something that they lose the distinctions between things.

A world of grays.

Nothing is black and white.

Ruled by situational ethics.
Man, that dude is so metrosexual I'll bet he'd even vote for Howard Dean!

by Z train March 04, 2006
one who acts gay but isnt
nick acts like hes gay but he likes girls
by My real name is chip August 21, 2005
Heterosexual male with enough fashion sense to attempt to follow the trends, but not execute them with as much finesse as his homosexual counterparts--or start any of his own.
Friend 1: "Is Richard gay, or metro?"

Friend 2: "Oh, puh-leeze...metro, of course! He's carrying a Louis Vuitton Damier man bag, but using the Monogram wallet!"
by TJB August 02, 2005
A gay male still in the closet.
Hey guys, I'm ga... I mean metrosexual!
by Hrugnir July 11, 2005
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