Somebody who's so ambivalent about something that they lose the distinctions between things.

A world of grays.

Nothing is black and white.

Ruled by situational ethics.
Man, that dude is so metrosexual I'll bet he'd even vote for Howard Dean!

by Z train March 04, 2006
a metrosexual is simply a man who is unashamed of indulging his vanity, and is stylish enough to get away with being vain.

it isn't about sex, and it's never applied to women. it's just a man who hasn't quite crossed the line into narcissism. avoid him all the same; like the song says, a man shouldn't spend more time on himself than he does on you.
custer was a metro sexual. william shatner is vain, but he's not a metrosexual. currently, most true, heterosexual metrosexuals are black men and italian american men.
by north america January 24, 2006
one who acts gay but isnt
nick acts like hes gay but he likes girls
by My real name is chip August 21, 2005
a male who is very in touch with his feminine-side, but not gay.
a guy how has mostly female friends, probably dated a few of them, who enbraces feminisity.
by Leah013 August 16, 2005
Heterosexual male with enough fashion sense to attempt to follow the trends, but not execute them with as much finesse as his homosexual counterparts--or start any of his own.
Friend 1: "Is Richard gay, or metro?"

Friend 2: "Oh, puh-leeze...metro, of course! He's carrying a Louis Vuitton Damier man bag, but using the Monogram wallet!"
by TJB August 02, 2005
A gay male still in the closet.
Hey guys, I'm ga... I mean metrosexual!
by Hrugnir July 11, 2005
guy who cares more about his dress than the prepiest girl in the world. Guy who is extremely curious about some female passtimes, such as wearing high-healed shoes, "experimenting" with make-up and skincare products, and the like. A Guy who manages to look sharp 99% of the time and in spite of all of this, still manages to be completely strait.
That metrosexual kid is scary, but he's cute...i'm glad he's not gay.
by gigi23 March 31, 2005

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