A pathetic loser who has fallen into the consumer trap of thinking that he needs ultra-expensive but utterly useless skin care\hair care products and has a taste in clothing that would make a circus clown blush with embarassment.
It's really in th best interest of large corporations to turn us all into the ideal consumer,...a metrosexual.
by Aramchek November 05, 2003
n. a male that is straight (heterosexual) but appreciates the gay culture and gets in touch with his feminene side. (metro, metrosexuality)
Don't be trippin wit' Clay Aiken off a American IDol. He ain't gay, he a metrosexual.
by John November 01, 2003
When a straight guy is so in touch with his feminine side, that while at bars, gay men walk up to buy him a drink, and he says, "Thank-ya SHORTAY"
"He is so metrosexual. He has macked his girl, and all the guys dont know it yet. They all think he is waiting for them."
by me October 24, 2003
A male or female that is hetersexual (straight) and has tendancies of the opposite sex.
Ben Affleck has 50 pairs of shoes, gets a manicure, and spends too much time in the bathroom in the mornings.
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
A gay guy whom only likes women.
Stan lives a gay lifestyle but loves women only so people call him metrosexual.
#lesbian #gay #straight #homosexual #hetrosexual #boy #girl #man #woman
by Retarded Mango January 26, 2008
Lets put this in a very simple but absolutley correct form
A Metrosexual is simply a guy with good taste
And knows about the good life.
David Becham, Bradd Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Mike Tyson, Gotti Brothers are all metrosexuals
#metro #sexual #becham #guy #prep
by JordanV December 19, 2006
A flaming, obvious homosexual, who nonetheless claims to be hetero, fooling only women, but not gay or straight men. May still be in denial about his sexual orientation, but can't suppress the fashion sense.
GIRL: He's not gay, he's a metrosexual!
GUY: Oh, yeah? Has he tried to have sex with you?
GIRL: No, he said he doesn't want to ruin our friendship...
#closet case #latent homosexual #fag hag #closet homosexual #closet gay #near queer
by Mike Oxhard July 10, 2006
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