Somebody who's so ambivalent about something that they lose the distinctions between things.

A world of grays.

Nothing is black and white.

Ruled by situational ethics.
Man, that dude is so metrosexual I'll bet he'd even vote for Howard Dean!

by Z train March 04, 2006
Metro sexual:
1) (quickly fading) Fad style found in large cities in which males fuel their vanity by spending money to have their fingernails buffered and their face exfoliated. although many will strive to be politically correct, there is nothing sexual about the metrosexual. place the metrosexual in an enviornment outside of a starbucks and a salon, and you will see where is masculinity stands (yes, there is such a thing as masculinity). although the metrosexual knows to be sensitive (a plus), there is no strength to accompany the soft side, therefore he is androgenous. of course, with any fad, there will be women attracted to 'it' because of the social status, and the social status alone. it would be well advised for women to date other men in cities with a high crime rate such as new york, as metrosexuals abhor violence and would rather get their nails done then defend their woman from a mugger.
to be fair, im sure there are exceptions to the rule, and im sure there are metrosexuals that have not forsaken their true sexuality. (3 million years of it is hard to vanquish.)
2) Term pertaining to any style thought of as a politically correct male look or action, sometimes seen as homosexual.
1) You know. the guy you thought was gay but isnt. thus, metro sexual.

2) ryan seacrest acts metro sexual.
by Neitzsche February 12, 2006
a metrosexual is simply a man who is unashamed of indulging his vanity, and is stylish enough to get away with being vain.

it isn't about sex, and it's never applied to women. it's just a man who hasn't quite crossed the line into narcissism. avoid him all the same; like the song says, a man shouldn't spend more time on himself than he does on you.
custer was a metro sexual. william shatner is vain, but he's not a metrosexual. currently, most true, heterosexual metrosexuals are black men and italian american men.
by north america January 24, 2006
A gay person who isn't comfortable enough with himself to admit that he is gay to himself, or anyone else.
Joe: What did you do last night?
Terry: Nothing, just had anal sex with Phil.
Terry: Oh, no, it's cool. I'm metro.
by yellowjacket621 July 10, 2005
guy who cares more about his dress than the prepiest girl in the world. Guy who is extremely curious about some female passtimes, such as wearing high-healed shoes, "experimenting" with make-up and skincare products, and the like. A Guy who manages to look sharp 99% of the time and in spite of all of this, still manages to be completely strait.
That metrosexual kid is scary, but he's cute...i'm glad he's not gay.
by gigi23 March 31, 2005
heterosexual male who appears slightly gay due to his impeccable sense of style, belief in designer hygiene, and willingness to emote. by definition, a metrosexual must be male due to the sterotype that women are usually conscientious of these things from the get-go.
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" turns perfectly normal American males into stylish metrosexuals.
by fresh meat March 13, 2005
Any man or woman who takes pride in his or her appearence,and is in a career. wears colonge or perfume and dresses/suits, polishes his/her shoes regularly.
My boyfriend is a metrosexual because he wears colonge. My mother is a metrosexual because she is a career woman.
by JesseJames January 10, 2005

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