A male or female that is hetersexual (straight) and has tendancies of the opposite sex.
Ben Affleck has 50 pairs of shoes, gets a manicure, and spends too much time in the bathroom in the mornings.
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
A gay guy whom only likes women.
Stan lives a gay lifestyle but loves women only so people call him metrosexual.
by Retarded Mango January 26, 2008
A metrosexual is a heterosexual man who regularly takes a bath thereby achieving the distinguished body odor usually attributed to homosexuals.
"There's no smell of beer and cigarettes on him. He must be a metrosexual."
by ArtDeco October 19, 2007
Men that look and act like fags.
Characteristics of a metrosexual include, wearing tight clothers, thong sandals in public, and have highlights in their hair.
Stores of preference of the Metrosexual:
Hollister Co.
Abercrombie and Fitch
American Eagle
Banana Republic

A:"Whats up with that fag with the sandals on?"
B:"Probably bought them at Hollister, little metrosexual fag."

A:"hey you wanna go see what they have in Abercrombie?"
B:"Fuck no, man, that stores metrosexual.."
by MachoMan August 02, 2006
1) A man who acts as the "gay sterotype,"however is hetrosexual at the time.

2) A girl's best friend

3) A boy's rival for girls

4) A gay boy's dream (Until he finds out)

Wears tight clothes, high picthed voice, loves to go shopping, etc. are signs to a metrosexual person.
by .Silence. May 12, 2006
a lesbian male. not a "butch", mind you, a lesbian, male.
loves the gay lifestyle, and usually has mostly gay or female friends. likes to pamper himself. loooves his hair. greatly appreciates good fashion, in all aspects, and is usually very open-mided and outgoing, however he is as straight as an arrow. the thought of himself "being" with another male disguists him; not that he has a problem with two men "fornicating", as long as he doesn't have to be involved in a visually or physically graphic manner. also, he is a princess, and everybody should know it.
"are you gay or a transexual?"
"neither. i'm a metrosexual. and a princess." lol
by satoru kato May 11, 2006
Somebody who's so ambivalent about something that they lose the distinctions between things.

A world of grays.

Nothing is black and white.

Ruled by situational ethics.
Man, that dude is so metrosexual I'll bet he'd even vote for Howard Dean!

by Z train March 04, 2006

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