A male who is extremely intrigued by his own good looks and uses many expensive personal hygiene products to groom himself.

A male who has homosexual tendacies, but is straight
Brandon Flowers, who is the lead singer of The Killers, is very metrosexual
by Bets-a-lets March 13, 2005
A man that takes care of himself and takes pride in the way he looks and appears to be gay, but is in denial of his own sexuality.
straight man in denial of his homosexuality
by Danny March 03, 2005
1.A straight man with suprising fashion sense. Often misconstrued as being a homosexual.
PERSON 1: "This guys apartment is really nice"
PERSON 2: "yes, it is"
PERSON 1: "No, like...reeeally nice"
PERSON 2: "do you think he's gay?"
PERSON 1: "I thought he had a girlfriend?"
PERSON 2: "He must be Metrosexual"
by metroman February 27, 2005
Why does no-one ever call black men, esp. gangstas, "metrosexual", or gay?? Most of them are total dandies; they're not ashamed to move in a slinky manner, they invented bling, etc, etc. In fact, I think black men invented most of modern fashion. Their reward? They don't get called names for it.
David Beckham is a white black man, so they say: so does THAT make him a "metrosexual"??
Someone who has sex in the metro airport
i know a guy who likes to be metrosexual
by amanda February 17, 2005
A man who has tendencies of a woman. Takes care of his appearance and loves to go shopping. Has more girl friends than guy friends. Very independent and really doesn't need a girl to be happy because he is already happy with himself.
my friend brett morgan is veeeerry metro.
by Lisa January 29, 2005
typically a male resident of a large city(Los Angeles, San Francisco) who carries characteristics of a homosexual, but remaining in the claim of heterosexual. Often looking like, and dressing like a feminine male.
Marty likes flaunting his gucci bag and louie vuitton wallet when he's out with his girlfriend.
by pandora November 16, 2004

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