A gay man so deep in the closet, he finds Christmas presents.
"Is he gay?"
"No, he's a metrosexual."
"Tomahto, tomato."
by Squeed September 03, 2005
one who acts gay but isnt
nick acts like hes gay but he likes girls
by My real name is chip August 21, 2005
Any male who engages in activities such as ironing his jeans and t-shirts, wearing makeup, spending hours on his hair whether dyeing it - styling it - or talking about it, purchasing and using innumerable "products" such as cleansers and concealers, dresses according to a "style", goes to another town to shop for a hat, and in addition to these qualities pretends to like women but is too "shy" to approach any.
We all had to wait to leave while he ironed his jeans, the stink from all his prodcuts nearly killed us in the car, and all night long he talked about how good his hair looked.
by Jason March 07, 2005
A man that takes care of himself and takes pride in the way he looks and appears to be gay, but is in denial of his own sexuality.
straight man in denial of his homosexuality
by Danny March 03, 2005
Someone who has sex in the metro airport
i know a guy who likes to be metrosexual
by amanda February 17, 2005
heterosexual male who breaks with stereotypical male behavior by clinging to aestethics more than is accepted by the average testosterone level.
Frank despises sandals but loves his blue suede Timberlands
by Nescio December 27, 2004
Someone who adheres to homosexual tendencies but declares their sexual orientation to be heterosexual (supposedly)
Are N'SYNC metrosexuals?
Is Ryan Seacrest a Metrosexual?
no. he is gay
by watutsi January 27, 2004

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