A dude who is one Apple Martini away from making a trip the gay bar.
Straight Dude: Dude, Pass Me A Beer And Some Pretzles The Game Is About To Start.

Metrosexual Dude:. And Break A Nail Eeeeww Yuckness.
by Slade_Technics September 26, 2006
A narcissistic, urban, financially established male, who is influenced by consumerism and media proliferation to conform his identity with changing images of masculinity found in men’s style press, advertising and popular culture.
Admired by thousands of young men, David Beckham, was a prime example of the narcissistic metrosexual and changing masculinity in popular culture.
by mcmvanbree January 05, 2006
A man that cannot stop looking at himself in the mirror, never goes into public without checking to see how his hair looks, and has pre-set outfits that are color cordinated. A man who likes the movie Zoolander not because its funny but because he wants to become a male super-model.
Kevin Patrick Brightman
by Peter Puduton February 08, 2005
a man who gives exaggerated attention to personal appearance. modern form of the word dandy (noun) or fop. genuinely heterosexual.
a metrosexual might remark to himself about a couple, "she's got a nice rack, he's got a nice tie."
by Sabi December 26, 2004
-noun- an urban heterosexual male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle.

First use of the word occured in the UK in the early part of 1994. It was soon dropped into urban myth and reappeared in 2002 in one of many men's lifestyle magazines. it then became commonplace in general fashion and lifestyle terminology.
John is such a metrosexual! He pratically lives in Prada and can't live without his Zuhr facial stuffs!
by r00t3d October 04, 2004
A man who, regardless of sexual orientation, deems fashion and appearance to be all important. Moreover, fashion can be sexual for such a man, the same way chocolate can be for some women.
Jerry is so metrosexual he stood up Paula rather than miss the big sale at Neimans.
by Some call me Newt July 06, 2004
A totally hip guy sensitive to women's feelings, dress, (not even afraid to say "what a cute little purse" to her), decor, and spirituality. This man is tuned into the very core, nerve, and verve of women, noticing every detail about them, (but never in front of his woman) and loving it. He is a meticulous, fashion-conscience, fabulous dresser, and decorator himself, who appreciates all the femininity coming from every pore of womankind. He would never think of making love to a man, and knows exactly how to please a woman affectionately, sensually, verbally, and sexually! Ah my metro sexual man I love you!
A very with it man oh so sensitive to a woman's feminity, dress, and decor (as well as his own cool dress and decor)who is not gay.
by mar mouse March 29, 2004

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