The term "Metrosexual" (Metropolitan Heterosexual) is defined by it's social psychological relationship to homophobia in it's counterpart: Rural Heterosexuality.

Isolated, these terms suggest the magnitude of personal contacts the metropolitan heterosexual (metro-sexual) encounters with lesbians and gay men represents higher altitudes of social acceptance for gay culture. Whereas, in less populated vicinities, (less people = less gays) heterosexuals will be less likely to accurately define the world entirely in heterosexual terms since they have less to compare their "straitness".
New Yorkers dress like metrosexuals.
by Brinnie May 03, 2005
Guy who takes care of himself in ways society classifies as feminine pursuits.
Sorry can't meet you at the bar, stripclub..., gotta get to the salon for my brow wax, manicure, pedicure and revitalizing facial wanna meet and go shopping after?
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
People who can only get aroused while riding on an underground electric railways. Actually, more common than people think affecting up to 2 percent of the worlds population.
"My boy Ryan is a metrosexual, he can only get it up with a bitch, when he's riding on the subway"
#public sex #subways #robosexual #trainsexuals #gross
by doctorwhatsup May 23, 2012
A straight guy who can sometimes be mistaken as homosexual. They tend to have a wide knowledge in art and fashion. However, they have no attraction to men. They are sometimes said to be like a women or to have homosexual traits. Despite the fact that they're straight, they're OK with homosexuality and sometimes appaer to be flattered when asked out by one.
That kid is so gay.

Really? Why?

He carries skin and hair products and obsesses about his looks.

So? He's going out with a girl. He's metro sexual!

Why does he hug his best friend, who's a guy then. maybe he's bi.

He's probably also hetro-gay with him. After all, they've been friends for years.
#metrosexual #gay #slob #straight #hetro #hetro sexual
by metrosexualbutgaywithmybud April 11, 2010
A way of marketing the same products with different packaging to a broader consumer base.
Cheap and effective.
Look at all the junk that metrosexual has bought. Why didn't he just use his mum's.
#metrosexual #marketing #products #packaging #economy
by cynicalanimal January 26, 2009
A man who is married, but is so girly he claims - without reservation - that the obviously pink shirt he is wearing is really "PEACH" as he huffs and taps his foot with his hand on his hip.
Everyone stared at the metrosexual as he whined when his wife decided a good nickname for him would be "Peaches."
by Elizabeth July 31, 2003
fruity, flamboyant, a man with unusually girly style but is interested in girls.
guy 1: Is that guy over there skipping?
guy 2: yes
guy 1: is he gay?
guy 2: nah man, he's just metrosexual
#fruity #flamboyant #gay #skipping #metro
by luvergal268 June 28, 2011
A guy who dresses and/or acts like he's gay but he actually isn't
Megan: Is Dylan gay?
Tracy: No, no.. He's just metrosexual
#metro #sexual #gay #hetro #cute
by aryk117 December 18, 2010
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