The term "Metrosexual" (Metropolitan Heterosexual) is defined by it's social psychological relationship to homophobia in it's counterpart: Rural Heterosexuality.

Isolated, these terms suggest the magnitude of personal contacts the metropolitan heterosexual (metro-sexual) encounters with lesbians and gay men represents higher altitudes of social acceptance for gay culture. Whereas, in less populated vicinities, (less people = less gays) heterosexuals will be less likely to accurately define the world entirely in heterosexual terms since they have less to compare their "straitness".
New Yorkers dress like metrosexuals.
by Brinnie May 03, 2005
a guy who fakes being gay
bob:ace is such a fag
jim:no man he fucked my girlfriend last night, he can't be gay
gary:hes a metrosexual, bob
by jonathan February 23, 2004
In most of the US: A straight male who is often mistaken as homosexual because of the way he looks/talks/dresses. Metrosexuals are usually into good grooming and healthy habits.

In the southern US: Any man who showers three or more times a week.
Southern Definition:
A) Liek, woah, you smell naice billybob, didja take a showerr las' week?

Billybob: No, ah showerr evvy day!

A) Billybob, yer sucha metrosexual.
by RayBan February 16, 2004
A male whose behaviour is similar to a female that acts like a guy. The feminist ideal of what a male role model should be.
Phil Donahue
by Greek December 13, 2003
Defining a straight man who is very in tune to hip, urban lifestyle. He is immaculate in his appearance and doesn't mind spending huge amounts of money on clothing and shoes as well as skin and hair products. He also may spend large amounts of time in a gym or health facility because of his obsession with his body. Although he is straight, his trendy, stylish appearance may be more closely associated with that of a gay male.
gay best friend
by CazualTee November 24, 2003
my hairdresser!
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
A man who claims not to be gay, but acts and dresses like one, only thinks of himself, no-one else matters, reckons he's gods gift. see pranny
Metrosexuals are normally clad with a Ted Baker shirt, Armani Jeans, Ray-bans wearing Calvin Klein aftershave.
by The Scottish Contingent August 13, 2007
A subgroup of the human species that can only mate on public transportation.
Boy (on the subway): Why is that man sliding up and down that woman on the bench over there?

Father: No reason, son. (mutters under his breath) Damn metrosexuals.
by sukebe November 18, 2006

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