The act of using two dildos (one in each hand) to penetrate a girl orally and anally (vaginally if you please) in a systematic time frame , such as the ticking of a metronome.
Tim: Dude what did you do last night?

Chris: Not much , my balls kinda hurt so I just pulled a metronome on this chick. It was perfect , she didn't know what hit her.

Tim: Nice , I'll have to try that next time.
by therealhollywoodkid October 05, 2011
Top Definition
The nickname of a girl who moans in perfect 4/4 time, along with the rhythmic movement of a guy's hips.
It wasn't an effort to do a beat, because with his thrust, came my moan. I was a perfect metronome.
by The Metronome October 09, 2010
A midget that dwells in the subway
I heard there is a colony of metronomes living in the abandoned station at Court Street in Brooklyn Heights
by GloriousBrian January 10, 2011
a small metrosexual man with a funny hat.
"I practice with a metronome twice a day."
by Waffles McWaffleson January 12, 2010
The BEST FUCKING POKEMON MOVE EVER. Patented by the kickass pokemon by the name of Clefable. It makes a motion with its fingers. THEN RELEASES THE BEST MOVE EVER. It's soo much of a kickass move, that it does A RANDOM POKEMON MOVE. It can DO ANY MOVE from FLAMETHROWER to fucking growl. kickass.

My Clefable used Metronome and fucking roasted your ass with Hyperbeam, you got murdered!
n. An urban male of below-average height with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle (see also: metronomality n.)
Adam was both short and well-dressed: the epitomy of metronomality.
by Renee April 17, 2004
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