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1. individual concerned about: the environment, taking action (ie. recycles), over population, public education, public health care, minimalizing ecological footprint.

2. neo hippie or post-modern hippie.
does not own a tv, vegetarian, practices yoga or meditation, accepts new ideas, car pools or uses public transport, naturally raises endorphins, centered, uses contraception, travels, pacifist, tries to speak more than mother language, culturally aware

Spends a Saturday night word-smithing "metrohippie" with friends.
by Gringo Gang April 07, 2007
A person who is both hippie and metrosexual.
Dan is a metrohippie
by AndreaR111 March 28, 2006
An urban city dweller that could easily be confused with a hippie, except that they shower, have presentable hygiene, and won't leave the confines of their city because of their inherent superficial nature.
I caught a metrohippie trying to swipe my hand sanitizer.
by dasgummiebearz June 28, 2009
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