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A very small, very well dressed straight man with impeccable timing.
That short punctual fellow over there is so well dressed that if he isn't gay he's definitely a metrognome.
by spamgobbler April 21, 2010

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one who is very gnome like, while not actually being a gnome. metrognomes often find themselves unexplainably drawn to pointy hats, vests, and moccasin type shoes. they make very little noise when they walk, tend to stand still in gardens, and thoroughly enjoy talking to animals.
"well of course he owns a flashy red vest, he's a metrognome."
by Sarah Howell September 17, 2007
(noun) a homonym for "metronome," a "metro-gnome" is a word used to describe a dwarf living in an urban setting. A metro-gnome is city-savvy, unlike the garden gnome usually found in country settings.
Woah, look! A metro-gnome! Now that's one city-savvy dwarf.
by boredperson1777 July 27, 2011