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a ghetto cell phone company with a small coverage area but has unlimited minutes and texting
i cant use that metro pcs if i ride out past modesto
by Jose L. Ventura July 17, 2006
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Nice voyager you got there!
What type of phone do you have? :o
Metro PCS.
You mean Metro piece of shit!! Bahahaha.
by relive2usfate June 23, 2011
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A really crappy cell phone company running on a CDMA network, with poor reception pretty much anywhere and lots of dropped calls.

The only good thing about them are the calling plans, some of which offer as many minutes as you want for reletivly cheap.

Also known as metropieceofshit.
>Hey what fucking cell phone provider do you have? I keep calling you and it never goes through!


>Oh you mean MetroPieceOfShit.
by Victor B. September 25, 2005
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A cheap cellphone service for metrosexuals. It's based on the crappy and monopolistic CDMA technology because a metrosexual is too stupid to know what that is, so they get away with it.
Metrosexual: Hey, umm, I just, umm, got, umm, this like, umm, cheap cellphone service, umm, called metroPCS, for like, umm, $40 a month, umm ya.
Normal Person: metroPCS? There based on the evil and monopolistic CDMA technology, how could anyone be stupid enough to actually use them. They don't even use SIM cards!
Metrosexual: Umm, what were we, umm, talkin' bout again?
by iBoy2G August 19, 2010
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