when a male, for some strange reason, looks at himself and thinks "maybe if i dress gay, ill get chicks"?. then the person goes to slutty teeny bopper shops and buys small pink singlets or shirts, which reveal his gay nipples, so that other "non gay" men that dress dumb get aroused of this appearance. soon after this they venture down to another stupid shop and purchase tight pants for ridiculous reasons. after they have all tryd on clothes infront of eachother, wondering if they look good or not, they go buy hair product to style there hair the same.

metros are a disgrace to fashion and mankind. why dress metro if your gonna get paid out

ya kooks!!!!!
wow, what a metro fag, hes a kookasaraus
by mitchell skates! April 11, 2008
a guy who acts gay but has straight sexuality. you know, wears make up, talks to us girls, paints nails, cares about clean-ness, etc.
-that girl is dating a metro and now we think she's a les.

-metros confuzzle me
by T. Lex February 15, 2005
unlimited usage(a ripper/hoe)
Look at that females pants they he!!a low she a metro
by ChingyzGirL05 October 14, 2003

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