the transportation services for Houston, TX which gives the hoods of the city its codes
44=Acres Homes 56=Greenspoint 503=Homestead and much more
Metro serves the city good but how about a better rail line.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 12, 2003
noun: The Melbourne (Australia) train service. It is notorious for having many disruptions, cancellations, and delays.

verb: 1. To be extremely late or delayed.
2. To be affected by someone or something's tardiness.
Noun: "I take the metro to school/work."

Verb: 1. "On a scale from 1 to Metro how delayed are you?" (facebook page)
2. "My train was a whopping 33 minutes late! I got metro'ed hard"
by melbournecommuter September 22, 2011
Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest = Metro
by SekkzBeest June 08, 2009
A term ruined by bogans who think wearing a pink shirt makes them metrosexual. You can spot an imposter because their white leather shoes have been scuffed and dirty since about 5 mins after they bought them.
bogan1: Do ya like my new pink polo shirt? It works a treat with the ladies.
bogan2: Isn't that the one you wore all week?
bogan1: I'll just spray some deoderant on it. How metro is that?
bogan2: What time are the chicks coming round?
bogan1: Hour or so.
bogan2: Well I'm done getting ready, lets go kick the footy till they rock up.
bogan1: sweet
by DoctorOfPuppets July 14, 2006
Bus and Rail transit system that serves the Greater Los Angeles Area. Short for - Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Los Angeles County
From downtown LA, take the Metro Red Line Subway to Universal City, instead of sitting in 101 traffic.
by Mike Dizzled June 30, 2004
Utilizing public transit as a means of transportation.
Why don't you metro over to Downtown for lunch rather than drive?
by Raymond Dang May 08, 2006
A mass transit system that consists of trains on underground and/or elvated tracks. Origin = METROpolitan railway
I had to take fourteen buses and then go on the metro to get here.
by REVOLUTION! November 24, 2005

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