Metro PCS. A cell phone service provider in the Bay Area used by drug dealers and rappers. You dont need ID or credit to purchase and subscribe to Metro PCS, only cash. This is a deterant to law enforcement.
Call me on my Metro if you still want those kilos homeboy.
by Wood Dawger June 20, 2005
Acting like a girl, caring about what u look like way too much. Pretty muchh all the symptoms of being gay except the but F***ing guys.
Wow! that kid Jason is so incredably metro!!!
by Josh Stern January 14, 2005
a guy who acts gay but has straight sexuality. you know, wears make up, talks to us girls, paints nails, cares about clean-ness, etc.
-that girl is dating a metro and now we think she's a les.

-metros confuzzle me
by T. Lex February 15, 2005
unlimited usage(a ripper/hoe)
Look at that females pants they he!!a low she a metro
by ChingyzGirL05 October 14, 2003
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