Metro PCS. A cell phone service provider in the Bay Area used by drug dealers and rappers. You dont need ID or credit to purchase and subscribe to Metro PCS, only cash. This is a deterant to law enforcement.
Call me on my Metro if you still want those kilos homeboy.
by Wood Dawger June 20, 2005
Philip Todd. A starbucks drinking, slick clothes wearing yuppy from "metro" detroit. Can very easily be conceived as being a gay man but is very openly hetero. Likes to flaunt extravagant objects and fancy clothing as to prove to other less fortunate people that they do not belong in his society. Has been known to import coffee from South Central Africa due to the rich flavors and high caffeine levels that the region is known for. Very suspicious individual that is purely out to make himself look better than his peers!
As Phil walked down to the cafeteria with his french press in hand ready to make another pot of his fancy African coffee, his co-workers all snidely remarked "Metro"....."Metro!"
by Fellow Metro March 03, 2004
The greatest band of all time featuring Mark Davis, Kyle Michael, and David Humeniuk
--Did you see the Metro show last night?

--Yeah, it was awesome, they are the greatest band of all time.
by David Humeniuk December 14, 2004
Wank club which smells of pee, where the bouncers are dumb and the prices are high.

Don't go there, you'll come out smelling of all types of shit and sweating your bollocks off.
Wanna come to metros tonight?
Fuck off, I'd rather die.
by Nate April 26, 2005
A metro is someone who is usually in complete denial about there homosexuality. Usually Wears fluro clothes and low cut V-neck shirts that cost them $400 of there "daddys" money. A complete disgrace to the rest of the male race. While heterosexuals and homosexuals are on a equal par, metrosexuals have no place in the world and are rejected by both parties. A sickening site at the best of times.
"Hey dylan my metro friend, lets go and make out with some guys while we pretend to have girlfriends"
#metro #metros #metrosexuals #metrosexual #poofta
by Mitchel D November 06, 2007
Joel Madden from Good Charlotte
"Ew, did you read about Joel talking about how much he likes designer labels and coffee, hes so metro!"
by Nikki March 16, 2005
A person who is a fruit. One who is acts gay but is stone cold hetero.
That dude with the pink shirt is metro
by John Paul November 03, 2003
when a male, for some strange reason, looks at himself and thinks "maybe if i dress gay, ill get chicks"?. then the person goes to slutty teeny bopper shops and buys small pink singlets or shirts, which reveal his gay nipples, so that other "non gay" men that dress dumb get aroused of this appearance. soon after this they venture down to another stupid shop and purchase tight pants for ridiculous reasons. after they have all tryd on clothes infront of eachother, wondering if they look good or not, they go buy hair product to style there hair the same.

metros are a disgrace to fashion and mankind. why dress metro if your gonna get paid out

ya kooks!!!!!
wow, what a metro fag, hes a kookasaraus
#metro #emo #skate #kook #boogan #hetro #cats #john
by mitchell skates! April 11, 2008
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