Metro PCS. A cell phone service provider in the Bay Area used by drug dealers and rappers. You dont need ID or credit to purchase and subscribe to Metro PCS, only cash. This is a deterant to law enforcement.
Call me on my Metro if you still want those kilos homeboy.
by Wood Dawger June 20, 2005
Utilizing public transit as a means of transportation.
Why don't you metro over to Downtown for lunch rather than drive?
by Raymond Dang May 08, 2006
A fuckin funny lookin piece of shit car that if rear ended by a 1977 Crysler Cordoba, the rear end actually becomes the front end.
i gots me a metro, it aint safe but itll do
by Whizerd_ April 09, 2004
a guy that dresses gay but is straight
He dresses very metro in his black skinnies.
by chris132454 September 02, 2008
The act of taking longer than your girfriend to get ready and also you like to paint your toenails.
Bill Stasney is sooooo metro.
by Josh January 14, 2005
1. the montreal way of saying subway, as in public transportation
2. a grocery store
1. i had to take 2 buses and a metro to get to la ronde

2. i bought some canadian dry over at metro
by DSHGKLAG May 28, 2005
Term used when referring to Washington DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia collectively.
Roscoe's from the metro and hasn't been to many places outside of it.
by Corey Dyson May 01, 2005
The Washington, DC area's mass transportation system, run by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Metro's flagship transportation system is the subway. It fails all the major requirements of a mass transit system, having none of the following: affordability for local governments, affordability for riders, stops in the most heavily visited places in the DC area, consistent and on-time trains, enough cars running for its ridership, and being able to go for more than a few weeks without a length of track catching fire.

The Metro was built on heavy rail because some brain trust figured that should the DC area become a war zone, it might be convenient to put freight cars and tanks on its tracks. Everyone knows that the best way to defend major landmarks is to put defensive weaponry several hundred feet underneath them, so this was a good plan.

A lot of people think the DC Metro is superior because it's clean. These are the same people who keep plastic on their couch cushions.
Metro Opens Doors... for those who can afford to ride it.
by Meredith January 04, 2005

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