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Weighs marginally less than an Imperial Fuckton.
1 Imperial Fuckton = 1.016 Metric Fucktonnes
"Man, I've a shitload of work this week"
"That's nothing faeg, I've a metric fucktonne of assignments due tomorrow morning"
"So, still going on the beer tonight?"
"Does the Pope shit in the woods?"
by SyxPak October 15, 2003
Noun: An extremely large amount of something, unto absurdity.

Generally used in hyperbole.

Note: proper usage demands the British spelling of "tonne" becuse the extra letters are also absurd.
Angrybunnyman updates his journal a metric fuck tonne
by Angrybunnyman January 05, 2005
Unit of measurement.
Built upon the Old English term "shit load", which is very lacking in actual measurable significance, a Metric Fuck Tonne is a significantly more accurate. Easily identified with the abbreviation FT, a Metric Fuck Tonne is greater than one may care to measure. Most commonly used to describe weight which is clearly no less than one thousand kilograms, but when actual measurement has not taken place. Not to be confused with the antiquated, Imperial Fuck Tonne.
James: "I just couldn't get the fire to take, I think the wood was still green, so I threw a fuck tonne of petrol on and off it went!"

Frank: "Was that a imperial fuck tonne James?"

James: "Great question Frank - It was definitely one Metric Fuck Tonne"
by Pimpdaddyrockstar July 04, 2013
me-trik fuhk tuhn (Australian)
Noun, Adjective. Often used as hyperbole.

A non-standardized unit of measurement.
"Wow- that's a metric fucktonne of rain through most of coastal Queensland and ALL of NSW!" (Asher, K.)
by Dumpster.Diva January 26, 2013
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