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A large quantity of something, usu. intended to be greater than hugantic or ginormous but regardless is referring to multiple items or actions.
All right, recruit--I'd better see me a metric butt ton of shoe polish on those boots or I'm gonna rip you a new one!


I'm afraid I can't join you and the lads for the croquet match today, as I have a metric butt ton of wallhangings to color-coordinate before the Gimp arrives this evening.
by Macslacker February 04, 2006
1.An amount that exceeds expectations of extremes, literally in metric weight.

2.an amount equal to a ton measured in increments of obese asses, usually for diorama purposes only.
there's gonna be a metric butt-ton of liquid awesome
by Alcaceltzer P. Grunt October 24, 2010