A flat black 1984 Ford F-150 owned by "woody" with 35" tires that roll the mean streets of North West Arkansas. This vehicle is often seen with a Chain saw sheathed between the toolbox and the bed.
Big Red: "what the fuck is that horribly loud sound?"

Lil' Red: (while looking at the security camera in the living room) "It seems to be a large military assault vehicle in need of some restoration."
Big Red: "Dude! Grab my weights, that looks like woody's meth mobile."
Lil Red: (Grabbing them with "the claw".) "Where'd the AAA's go?!?!?!?"
by Lil Red. (feat. Woody) April 30, 2009
Top Definition
the name of the broken down ice cream truck that the crazy homeless guy lives and does meth
Dude I was walkking by the the bus stop and I saw that crazy homeless guy by the meth mobile yelling at the pictures of ice cream
by OzzdaWozz March 09, 2008
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