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An amazing, revolutionary album by the inspiring band Linkin Park
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
a very famous rock in Greece which holds many monasteries and also Linkin Park's second album.
Isn't it great how the name relates to the style of music on the album? It's ingenious!!
by The Exorcist March 19, 2005
Meteora is a cd by the band Linkin Park. It has a different sound from Hybrid Theory, but the lyrics are more bland. They experimented with different styles of music on the album.

Linkin Park got their album name from amazing rock formations in Greece, on top of which are the most important monastaries in Greece.
Meteora is a great album by Linkin Park.
by Anonymous August 25, 2004
not an English word;
an album by Linkin Park during an era of hard rock and crossovers.
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Linkin Park - Re-animation
by Eric Jay May 29, 2003
A CD by Linkin Park that I own ,and I'm proud! Oh and it's a rock formation in Greece
I own it, I love it, and it's different than Hybrid Theory.
by [Tia] Faulkenberry February 26, 2005
Meteora is a Studio Album released by the American band Linkin Park. This cd was released in 2003, and it featured 13 tracks completely original by that time. From the 13 tracks of the disc, 4 of them were promoted in radio and television. These tracks had a music video produced by the band members together with Warner Brothers Records, Linkin Park's Sponsor. These 4 tracks are in the order of the disc:

#3 - Somewhere I Belong
#7 - Faint
#9 - Breaking The Habit
#13 - Numb

Even though some tracks from this album were not made as popular as the ones named above, most fans refer to them as some of the best the group has ever produced. A vivid example is the tenth track of the disc: "Session", which is completely instrumental.

After Meteora, Linkin Park experienced an almost 4 year hiatus. During this period of time, the band separated to start other projects of their own, but they released a new album on April 2007, titled "Minutes To Midnight".
"Meteora" is Linkin Park's third studio album.
by mannyalvarez July 28, 2007
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