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One who uses metaphors, similie, or other figurative language in their writing and speech to an unhealthy degree.
Suzie: I am as exhausted as a dog who has just given birth to a litter of puppies.
Sally: You are such a metawhore.
Suzie: That is as juvenile as a fart joke.
by Merany August 31, 2007
Somebody that uses excessive metaphors in their speech/work.
A: Inifite strands of glimmering ebony silk dances around the ...
B: Shut up you metawhore, it's called HAIR.
by accidental October 19, 2005
when you compare somthing to a whore
Tom: That girl is so whorish she would do jeffery!
Micheal: Nice metawhore
Tom: thanks
by tom beotch! May 09, 2007
a whore,slut,hooker,skank ect. without hair.
Alexie and Kayla saw a Meta - Whore standing on the corner of a Bi-Lo the other day.
by Snuffle Luff a Gums December 02, 2006