One whose ability for empathy is underdeveloped due to excessive texting, tweeting and updates about themselves.
A metard might bemoan the carnage associated with the various middle eastern conflicts because of the resultant fuel price hikes.
by mebegebo August 31, 2012
Top Definition
A complete moronic retard.
Cassy and Jordan are complete metards.
by Erin September 27, 2003
A person who ironically proves their own stupidity as they attempt to prove the ignorance of others. The word is condensed from "meta tard".
Person 1: "I'm trying to decide where to go on a vacation next year. I'm thinking of something near the Mediterranean. What do you think, Italy or Egypt?"

Person 2: "Do both, I mean.... hello... they're both in Europe... duh..."

Person 1: "Actually, Egypt is in Africa, you metard."
by Heathe Kyle August 14, 2008
Pronounced mee-tard; simply put, an individual whose personal moral and cognitive development has been atrophied; by either self-delusional confidence in one's own abilities, or a refusal to see past one's own tastes and preferences.

Contentious, in that outside of a technical usage this word may be construed as offensive.
anyone that thinks of themselves first of all in any situation, is by definition a 'metard'
by Francis Bacup August 28, 2010
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