The best band ever. What god would sound like if he started a band.
God: Dammit why did Lars and James have to start Metallica... I wanted to do that...
by Andy10215 March 16, 2009
Thee greatest fucking band in the world
and anyone who doesnt think so can suck my cock
Pioneers of heavy metal music
formed in 1980 first album released 1983 kill em all
second in 1984 ride the lightning
third in 1986 master of puppets
fourth in 1989 ...and justice for all
and im not listing anymore cuz the resy all sucked except for the occasional good song

James hetfield~rythem guitar\vocals
Kirk hammet~Lead guitar
Lars ulritch~drummer
Rob trujillo~bassist
R.I.P clifford lee burton
Lets go listen to metallica!
by metallica kicks ass June 08, 2006
Without a doubt the greatest metal band to grace the music scene. Were the pioneers and innovators of thrash metal and some of the most influential musicians ever. From the 90's with the release of The Black Album, have gone mainstream, and with the release of St Anger seemed to lose a lot of their old fans. Also lost fans due to Napster protest. However still rocking hard, and big hopes for new album. No matter what they do will always be known as the kings of metal
Metallica are the best band ever. Period
by Metallicalover June 25, 2005
One of the pioneers of hard metal in the 80's, they later lost their soul and their hair to the establishment, in essence becoming pawns in the capitalist game of chess. No, checkers.

Originally heralded as anti-establishment, following the heart of Metal with excessive drinking (which earned the nickname AlcohollicA) and substance abuse, however this all changed when they hired a group therapist to sort out the mess that substance abuse and alcohol usually cause (though most bands suck it up). These therapy sessions can be seen in the box-office crap, "some kind of monster," the video recordings of the death of metallica. After the invasion of unwanted sanity, Metallica cut their hair, joined the vanguard against napster to a point of obsession and supported the career of Avril Lavigne. Damn her.

Once Gods among Men, now pussyfied shadows, less metal than Poison but without the ironic tongue in cheek likeability.
Look for the old guys dancing on the grave of Napster. That would be Metallica.
by Macadaciouse June 08, 2005
A way of life. Unless you live it, you will never understand it.
"Hey I wanna live like Metallica, but don't know how"

"Then you cant do it. You are not worthy."
by Metalhead4real June 22, 2012
"Led Zeppelin of the 80's."
_While bowing to Led Zeppelin as the inventors of 'Heavy Metal,' Metallica is The One to be forever praised for Perfecting it, RE-revolutionizing it, for SAVING US ALL from the mediocre gayness, devaluated desentigration of all the material and artistic wastes of that "hairSpray-puffyness," "pounds-of-make-up-and-lipstick girly-BULL~SHIT-shiny-glitter hermophrodit "rock/or/metal." AMEN! Fo sho, 'ey/mAn' indeed!!
_Metallica's song "nothing else matters" posess' historical values of artisticaly global, vital, atomic-and i would go as far as saying, resurecting-poewers of immortal, ever-lasting evolution of music similar/or equal to Led Zeppelin's "stair way to heaven."
_They are to Heavy Metal as Iggy Pop to Punk.>-explanation-(Iggy started it all for the punk music. With the anarchy of his attitude in lyrics, style and music, he transformed,what we now call, the "classic rock" into the 'featus'of PUNK music. While not being classified, or to say more accurate, credited, as a father of Punk, he certainly was One of THOSE who f1rst stabed the body of music in their own unique way. And good 'ol Iggy made a deep, almost 'vital' but so needed for the time wound, which The Clash, Ramones and Sex Pistols, etc. would later bleed wout from.)
_Metallica's contribution to tha mighty HEAVY METAL is farely equal to the fact of Charlie Christian, the jazz musician, generally credited with introducing the electric guitar solo.
->(LITTLE INSIGHT history: In 1939, the above mentioned, Charlie Christian joined Benny Goodman’s band and began stepping to the front of the band, performing long, complicated passages that imitated the style of horn playing.)
_...continuing..._ In addition to the thaT last example above, MetallicA's contribution is similar to the, ummm.. kinda, i would say pretty fucken much heroic act of Bob Dylan; when he "plugged in" his guitar on the National Folk Music Festival where the shocked crowd booed him off the stage in raging fury, as a bad seed, a freak and as a betrayer of "true musical values."
>>>>Well now, yall people get the idea, eh!?
Now go and fill yourself with the "thirst-killing, Deep, refreshing waters of metallica melodies and spice yo fucken solid brains with their blades and razors of "kill 'em all" topping it off with ballz-twisting solos that make you wanna cry!! Metal Up Yar Ass!!!
by Aliaksei October 24, 2005
Metallica is a legendary metal band whose music can be found under such genres as metal, thrash, and garage. They formed in California in the early 1980's with the original lineup of James Hetfield (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Lars Ulrich (drums), Dave Mustaine (lead guitar), and Ron McGovney (bass guitar). Ron wasn't exactly pulling his weight in the band, and he was replaced once they discovered Cliff Burton. Cliff would only join if the rest of the band moved to San Francisco, and so they did just that. Not long after, Dave was replaced with Kirk Hammett because of his alchohol problems. Metallica released their first album, Kill 'em All, in 1983. Then in 1984, Ride the Lightning was released. It seemed the band was heading for success when they released their third album, Master of Puppets, but their career nearly came to a halt with the tragic death of Cliff during a tour bus accident on September 27th, 1986 when they were on their way to Denmark. But Metallica soon found a new bassist (Jason Newsted)and released ...And Justice For All. By that time, they had entered of world of sex, drugs, and alchohol, but that didn't affect their music until much later. In 1991, their self-titled album, which is also known as the ''Black Album,'' was released and it became their best-selling album yet. Then in 1996, Load was released, followed by Reload in 1997. In 1998, they released Garage Inc., a compilation of cover songs originally done by artists such as The Misfits, Thin Lizzy, Nick Cave, Mercyful Fate, and Diamondhead. A year later they released another compilation called S&M, which is a bunch of their songs performed live with the San Francisco orchestra, including several songs that aren't on any of their albums such as No Leaf Clover, Ecstasy of Gold, and -Human. Not long after that, James went to rehab for eight months on account of his alchohol problems. And by that time, Jason had left the band because of personal reasons and also to launch his new band, Echobrain. To add to their problems, Lars had recently filed a lawsuit against Napster because their songs were being sold online for free, therefore they were losing money. Because of that, some of their fans got angry and turned against them. James returned from rehab in time to record Metallica's most current album, St. Anger, at the Presidio, a military base that's no longer in use. Bob Rock, their producer, played bass on that album since they had not yet found Robert Trujillo, their replacement for Jason. Around this time, they released a documentary called Some Kind of Monster that talks mostly about their struggles as a band and the counseling they've gone through. All in all, Metallica is a great band that has withstood the test of time and will most likely be around for many more years.
Metallica is an awesome band.
by 62Orion86 June 26, 2005

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