a kickass metal band. There are several people out there who will talk shit and some call themselves the "real metallica fans" but either way they just go around bitching that they were only good on their first three albums. BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP! Metallica is still a kickass band and you can only play speed metal for so long until you have to add a little melody to the songs or they all will sound the same. And they didnt "sell out" with the black album because it sold like 80 million copies. it sold that many because it was good and people liked it.
stupid bitch- "dude metallicas a fucken sellout with the black album dude."

Me- kicks that stupid bitches mother fucken ass.
by craz3j0e September 13, 2007
god until 1996
by death fan December 15, 2009
The only band that really went through a transition and an experiment in something else (lighter metal) but succeeded anyways.
A lot of fans of Metallica are pissed that they did that but, they are coming back to the original stuff! That and the most mainstreamed they got was ENTER SANDMAN, which wasn't a half bad song. And do you think that they had in their minds that they could make that album go mainstream?
by The Unforgiven 2 February 16, 2009
One of the best, if not the best, bands in the world. The band was formed in the early 80s, by James Hetfeild and Lars Ulrich. Metallica's presents members consist of James Hetfeild (vocals and rythm guitar) Kirk Hammett (lead guitar) Rob Trujillo (bass guitar) and Lars Ulrich (Drums and percussion).

The original members of Metallica were James Hetfeiled (vocals and bass) Dave Mustane (lead guitar) and Lars Ulrich (drums and percussion).

Before the bands first Album "Kill 'em All" was produced, Dave Mustane was kicked out of the band and replaced with Kirk Hammett. Mustane later formed mega death Cliff Burton took over Hetfeilds part on bass. During a tour of "Master of Puppets", the bands 3rd Album, Metallica's tour bus, rolled over off the road, killing Cliff Burton.

Random Fact: There is some controversey over Cliff Burtons death however. It is not known whether the bus itself rolling on top of Burton is what killed him. It is rumored that when a picker truck was lifting the bus off of Burton, the line broke, causing the bus to fall back on Cliff Burton.

After the unfortunate death of Cliff Burton, there was a major decrease in the "metal" value of Metallica's music. Many songs had much "deeper" meanings. Heavily distorted guitars seemed to be fading more and more.

The next bassist for metallica was Jason Newstead, an incredible bass player. His true talents were never fully unleashed however because of the major rejection of him from the other members. Jason soon after left the band, and was replaced placed with Rob Trujillo.

Random Fact: Finding the next bassist was not an easy or quick task. For one Metallica Album "St. Anger", Metallica's record producer Bob Rock filled on bass. In 2002 Trujillo was found.

Through the time of Metallica 19 records have been released, and a new one is expected Fall 2007.

A complete list of albums:

Kill 'Em All Released in 1983

Ride The Lightning Released in 1984

Master Of Puppets Released in 1986

...And Justice For All Released in 1988

Black Album Released in 1990

Load Released in 1996

Re-Load Released in 1997

Garage Inc. Released in 1998

S&M Released in 1999

St. Anger Released in 2003

Cliff 'Em All Released in 1987

2 of One Released in 1989

A year and a half in the life of Metallica Released in 1992

Live Shit Binge and Purge Released in 1993

Cunning Stunts Released in 1998

S&M Released in 2000

Metallica Classic Albums Released in 2001

Metallica - Dark Souls Released in 2003

Some Kind Of Monster Released in 2005
Metallica rules the World of Music
by Rob Laberge December 05, 2006
A band that lasted over 2 decades and still kicks a$$, even though they think St. Anger s***s, I like it!
1.) Kill 'Em All
2.) Ride the Lightning
3.) Master of Puppets
4.) ...And Justice For All
5.) Load
6.) Re-Load
7.) S & M
8.) St. Anger
9.)(New CD name here)
by .............. May 13, 2005
Verb- To lick something with great fervor usually accompanied by Heavy Metal music.
My girlfriend put on a Slayer CD so that she could Metallica my balls.
by Hartford J. Quackenbush April 19, 2010
The band responsible for bringing heavy metal back to the masses. One of the most successful music groups of all time. Known as one of the top live acts still to this day. Aren't afraid to evolve musically, Load and Reload are examples of that. Known for touring their asses off. Have made some of the greatest albums of all time, including Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, ...And Justice for All, and the Black Album. Released an album of cover songs paying tribute to the bands who inspired them. In 1999, they performed with the San Fransisco Symphony and recorded the show into a live album. Filmed for a documentary entitle Some Kind of Monster which went on to win multiple awards. The film let viewers see the band in its most private moments and during the writing and recording process of the album St. Anger which was released in 2003 and debuted at number 1 on the charts.

Simply the greatest band of all-time.
Friend: What is the greatest thing to ever exist?
Me: Metallica
by -The Fifth Horseman- December 29, 2005

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