A band that used to be great before they sold out with Load (1996) and decided to sue those who downloaded their music off of Napster.
Metallica (1983-1991) = Kicks ass
Metallica (1996-onwards) = SUCKS!
by SuperSonicX March 09, 2006
Metallica, simply, are the best band that this planet has ever produced.
by Hawke November 05, 2005
A thrash metal band that is one of the most influential ever. Their best albums include Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice for All, pretty much just their first four albums. Black Album is alright, Load and Reload are meh, Garage Inc is alright, St. Anger is meh, but they seem to have resurrected to an extent with their new release, Death Magnetic. Many people considered them to have sold out after ...And Justice for All, because they changed their music from thrash metal to more hard rock/bluesy. Still one of the best bands ever.

Now I don't mind if you say you don't like Metallica, but to say they suck is false. If they suck, they how come they are constantly up for a Grammy? How come their albums sell like hot cakes? If they sucked, they wouldn't be so successful.
Kill 'Em All - ...And Justice for All = epic
Black - St. Anger = meh
Death Magnetic - ... = resurrection
Metallica rules.
by zuawg February 14, 2009
Something that was at some point in time brilliantly spectacular but has since degenerated into utter crap.
"Now that you're married, you've become such a Metallica."
by AdmiralDavidov August 06, 2005
One of the greatest thrash/speed metal bands ever to grace the earth, who have gained much criticism (some of which is understandable) over the suing of Napster for illegal downloads of their music and for the rather shite St. Anger album. Seeing as Metallica are my favourite band this is my attempt to be as unbiased as possible. Ok, I admit St. Anger was one of the worst albums ever made by a band of such quality. And maybe Load and ReLoad disappointed many Diehard Metal fans. But they were still good quality, but rather attempted to aim at a wider, more accessible market with a more rock sound. Megadeth and Metallica have shared many feuds over the last couple of decades, but there is no denying that Dave Mustaine is a far better guitarist than Kirk Hammett. On the flip side I think James is a better vocalist. If you combine the lyrics and vocals of Four Horsemen with the guitaring of Mechanix, the song would be truly amazing. It is a great shame that Dave left the band at such a promising stage because he in my opinion, would of had a major influence on the direction of Metallica. The band has been through a lot too, losing a member is not easy. Cliff was an amazing bassist and is sorely missed by many who idolised and loved him. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Metallica have become famous and people are annoyed because they are more mainstream but lets be honest even the last 3 albums have seldom been played on UK radio. I have only ever heard Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters played on radio..They aren't sellouts-just clever businessmen.
P.S Old school metal rules. New stuff sucks...
New style metal fan: Hey, have you heard Bullet For My Valentine's new album?
Me: O please fuck off little Emo kid, Metallica is where its at
by JT May 22, 2006
The best metal band in history, they are considered one of the 4 greatest metal bands along with megadeth, slayer, and anthrax, but metallica is the best in my opinion. They have released great tracks such as, Master of Puppets, Fade to Black, One, Welcome Home(Sanitarium), Orion, and The Four Horsemen. They lost Cliff Burton in a bus accident in Sweden, the tour bus went off road and he flew out the window and was crushed by the bus. R.I.P Cliff Burton, we'll miss you and he was one of the best bassists ever.
James Hetfield- Vocals and rhythm guitar
Lars Ulrich- Drums
Kirk Hammett- Lead Guitar
Robert Trujillo- Bass and backing vocals

Past members...
Cliff Burton(RIP)- Bass
Dave Mustaine- Guitar
Jason Newstead- Bass
Ron McGovney- Bass

yeah thats metallica
by Eric! September 16, 2006
1 the thing that is written on each high school desk i've seen

2 a good band that pioneered the 80's,ruled the 90's,and in 2003 they decided to make a change-well-changes can be good....not this one:riffing the same stupid chord 7 minutes,yelling like a 13 year old homo kid who got his dick cut off in a chainsaw accident,and humping the drum kit so it sounds like a churchbell(well that can be interesting in some songs)...is not a good change...
1 MetallicA

2 oh--Metallica-they were good once did u know that?...
by Benny D1 May 17, 2007

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