A band which was once thrash....during the 80s, then took a turn in the very early 90s and became Hard Rock, they have been declining ever since and have become a nu metal band, being the big boys amongst gay bands such as Linkin Park and mudvayne.



!!there may be a wah wah pedal in there....yes the weapon of choice by the average Kirk Hammett..the most overrated guitarist in "metal" the wannabe shredder...on the St Anger album he does not play any solos, there may be a few explanations 1)he lost his wah wah pedal and needs to sue some fans to get the money to replace it or 2)he saw some good guitarists like Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen and thought ill never be like them i should just stop trying.

!!an 8 minute song with 1 riff, a de tuned E string riff which will go on forever, stop---and make you think a solos coming up but disappoint you again and go straight back into the riff

!!a drummer playing with dustbins

!!many many ugly ugly bassists

!!your friend gets taken to court for downloading, tut tut metallica at it again

!!when lars(drummer) says "we are the best thrash band on the planet" but then says a few years later "we can play what we want , we arent a thrash band"

!!they have went from wearing jeans, drinking beer on stage, having fights...to a gucci wearing group of millionaires fighting over who gets to fly the private jet

Metallica = shit thrash now nu metal

Megadeth = THE thrash band , 1,000,000 times better than craptallica
by Junglemanchild August 30, 2005
ancient obsolete metal band notorious for being total assholes to their fans about the whole downloading thing, which amusingly they now acknowledge was a mistakte.

They are very, very old, seriously.
a verbal impersonation and encapsulation of metallica:
20 years ago we were pretty cool, then we turned int assholes, then we turned into assholes that made music like spinal tap, now we're just a joke that everyone hates. we suck
by wig_wog August 17, 2005
One of the shittist bands of all time. Known for making ears bleed and ruining things like Napster. Metallica fans, go fucking die.
Metallica really, really, fucking sucks.
by mkay September 15, 2005
An adult contemporary musical ensemble who, rumor has it, used to play metal.
Cliff Burton would not be pleased with the current incarnation of Metallica.
by Sam is a Dick October 15, 2007
A term used to describe someone that sucks to a degree uncomprehendable when you use the word sucks.
Man, you guys can metallica my imklzsa.
by A Broom March 29, 2005
Assholes who make great music and ripped off Dave Mustaine.
Metallica has gotten softer lately.
by Shrexyshrek March 30, 2015

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