shite...always have been always will be...
i'm going to listen to metallica

I'm sorry but your son ripped his ears off listening to metallica
by Throes_Of_Perdition January 07, 2009
A band that used to be half decent, but are now world renound greedy bitches who havent put out a good album since "Black album"...i mean any one who thinks St.Anger was a good song and good album should get their heads out of there asses.
"man have u heard the latest metallica album?!"
"Yea and it couldnt have sucked harder!"
What do u mean man?"
"St.Anger was one of the most uncreative songs written. fuck i'd sooner listen to air supply"
"If you hate them so much why did u buy their album?"
i didnt...i down loaded it (irony)."
by Nick OG July 29, 2005
Without a doubt, the single most overrated shithole of a "band" of all time. If you want to listen to a bunch of 80 year old fartknockers rant about satan and killing, be my guest.
Typical narrow-minded metal fan: Metallica dude! Metallica! *bangs head*
Person that is not an idiot: They suck.
Fan: I´ll kick your ass! Metallica!
Person: No, I´m not 13 years old, so I won´t fight you over a band.
by Adrian August 22, 2006
the universal soundtrack for masturbation
"Why watch xxx movies when you can just listen to Metallica?"
by my uterus and i September 26, 2005
"do you want to listen to metallica?"
"fuck that, i'd rather listen to miley cyrus."
"but dude, they're so metal."
"no, sir, they are not."
by zsh January 08, 2009
1.Heavy Metal's biggest let-down. 2.Diamond Head rip-offs (compare "Seek and Destroy" to Diamond Head's "Sucking my love"). 3. Thin Lizzy - "Whiskey In The Jar" butchers.
Metallica fucking sucks.
by AngelWitch March 22, 2006
Metallica is the name of a band which has made many famous songs including the one Enter Sandman.

They are also a bunch of ruthless thugs who shut down Napster and tear up houses with crazy parties before they give it up to the person who just bought it beforehand.
There is proof that Metallica ruined a house before they sold it. We all know about napster too...
by Kamisama August 20, 2005
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