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Basically Someone who respects the Genre, and even though they might not Look like a typical sterotype, or listen to metal all the time, Has a deep love of the Blastbeat.
Metal Is About whats inside, Not whats on your sleeve.
Im not going to say Metal / Non-metal bands, because its just opinion.
All i will say is this

Metal Is what you make of it.
As are Metalheads.
by GeorgeKollias101 April 05, 2010
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A misspelling of 'metalhead', usually made by unemployed weed-smoking losers who listen to 'classic rock' (whatever that is) and got beaten up by metalheads in high school.
I hate metal-heads! They always sucker punch me in the throat when I'm trying to listen to Ted Nugent!
by LOLclassicrock October 05, 2008
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Metalhead is a popular term for a devoted fan of Death, Thrash or Speed metal music and is often used interchangeably with the term "headbanger"; since the early 1990s, however, the use of the latter term has declined in favor of the more fashionable "metalhead" tag. Metalheads are often associated with evil, satanism and brutality.

There is one school of thought among the metal subculture that the "metalhead" and "headbanger" labels represent distinctive groups within it (i.e. Death, Speed, Thrash metal), with metalhead being a generic term for metal fans as a whole and headbangers representing older fans or fans of "heavy metal" styles(i.e. Iron Maiden). This idea does have some merit as older "heavy metal" fans often dress in a distinctively 'retro' fashion, favour different or more traditional bands and eschew some aspects of the culture that have developed in recent years. Younger fans delight in the use of heavily-distorted guitars, harsh vocals that are low-pitched and/or growled, morbid lyrics, fast-paced rhythms, violent themes, imagery and stage personae, and unconventional song structures. Nevertheless, both groups share common interests that go beyond a preferred musical style and together comprise a distinctive brutal counterculture.

That metalhead drank all of my beer.
That metalhead pawned my Ipod.
That metalhead screwed my mom.
That metalhead ate my goldfish.
by The Father of Lies March 26, 2008
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To first understand a metalhead one has to understand that there are people who listen to metal and then there are people that live it as if it is their purpose for existing. The most important thing in their life is metal, music, and living the lifestyle. If you are someone that just listens to metal and doesn't truly understand the nature of a metalhead then you do not fit into this category.

Metalheads are often loner anti-social types. Though some are lazy and uneducated, this does not go for many Metalheads who follow the ethos of strength and perserverence. Many older metalheads have lived a life being picked on and looked down upon, thus they tend to hit the gym and take up different fighting courses despite what many people believe. Otherwise, they're just born tough. They tend to work common working class jobs such as retail at Sears or Wal*Mart working in the back, or at warehouses loading and shipping equipment. Usually they'll go for a job that doesn't entitle the need for dealing with customers as Metalheads tend to pretty much hate everyone that isn't metal...unless you're an attractive broad that they desire, and then they pretend to like you so that they can get in your pants.

Though anti-social, metalheads above all other forms of sub-culture tend to flock towards their brothers in metal. Your rank and merit within their counter-culture is based on your knowledge and dedication to the music. If you are a flake that just likes to listen to the band you are probably on the outskirts of the metal heiarchy. If you spend hours a day getting into the music, becoming part of the lifestyle by being in a band, supporting your local scene and knowing your share of metal scene in general, then you gain a lot of merit.

Despite popular belief, metalheads do not look down on gangstas and rappers more than anything. They all tend to have one thing in common when it comes to hatred: their hatred for false metal and posuers who listen to false metal. Slipknot, KoRn, Disturbed, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Papa Roach, amongst other Nu-Metal and Alternative bands are classified as false metal. Wearing all black and wearing make-up can quickly classify you as a false metalhead as well (unless you're doing it simply because you're black metal aka kvlt). In fact, many true metalheads will hate you no matter what or who you like just for mentioning you like Slipknot on basic principle. Simply put: Metalheads are militiant territorial and very openy biased toward any music or fans that they feel are encroching on their 'turf'. To quote one metalhead in particular:

"In these times of heavy music most people under the age of twenty are pretty ignorant when it comes to metal. There are many that like the core bands like Priest, Maiden, Venom, etc, etc, but a lot of these people aren't true metalheads either. Sadly, most don't even listen to these core bands. We are plauged by false metalheads that run around with their stupid hair dos and make up and they are blasphemizing what metal truly is and stands for. When some kid that has no idea thinks metal is just a bunch of pussy kids that complain about their life and preach to Satan and smoke pot all day then I blame these pathetic fuckers that are ruining what made metal great. Besides, everyone knows that metalheads are more likely to be alcoholics then stoners. Unless you're listening to Saint Vitus or Electric Wizard or something."

Metalheads tend to dress casuly. Denim jeans (black or blue), a band t-shirt, sneakers or boots, and a leather jacket or denim vest with patches of your favorite bands are the quintesential metal attire. In recent years camoflaughed pants, beige green khaikis, and flannel have been accepted as metal attire. Many metalheads have at least one leather bracelet spiked or unspiked to go with their outfit. Patches and pins are a major part of a metalhead's attire. The patched and pinned jacket goes a long way within the metal community. More so than a t-shirt that expresses a person's interest in one particular band, the jacket shouts out who and what you stand for because several bands can be added to the jacket. Some fans only have one or a few patches, but many go to great lengths and take up several hours looking for patches and pins. These people consider the jacket a part of them, and tend to take it with them everywhere.

Metalheads tend to keep to natural hair color and prefer tattoos over piercings and other forms of body modifaction. They either grow their hair very long or simply shave it all off. Metalheads with short hair are rare, and if they do have short hair they are in the midst of growing it. Many metalheads look down on people with colored or fancy designed hair, as this is a sign that they listen to false metal. Remember, being a fan of false metal is a HUGE no-no. You can be the nicest person on the Earth and it won't mean a damn thing. False metal is for posuers, and all fakes deserve to be killed.

Metalheads are quiet and tend not to get involved with others problems. They are not very trusting and tend not to care for anything outside their own little world. They are often anti-religious and against many forms of politics, but this does not mean they are not political.

At shows, true metalers tend to prefer to be in the front row so that they can headbang to their favorite act or throw up the horned salute or a fist. Because of the blasphemization of the horns many metalers do not recognize it's use as a call sign. It has in recent years been replaced with a simple fist or "the claw". At shows metalers also have different formats of dancing. This was originaly circle pitting, skanking, and stage diving, but the immature nature of 1990's nu-metal has incorperated several other forms of moshing. Many true metalheads think that moshing is at it's best: silly. Nu-metal fans would argue otherwise, but remember that they do not have a credible opinion because they like nu-metal.

They are very rebellious and place metal above all things. They will lose their job just to see a show that reeks of krieg (slang term used by metalheads to define something that is metal, great, etc) or lose their home because they're more interested in buying cd's and musical equipment. If you've lost your girlfriend because you spend too much time with your instruments then you're probably a true metalhead. If you've never even bothered with woman because you scare them all away with your hostility and your obsession with music then you are true metal.
Example of Important Metalheads: Phil Anselmo, Dave Mustaine, Chuck Billy, Eric Adams, Glen Danzig

Example of true metal bands: Pantera, Vio-lence, ManOwar, Judas Priest, TestAmenT, Sadus, Sodom,
by Metal Jesus May 01, 2006
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A connoisseur of music that has it's roots from blues and classic rock. Bands like Judas Priest, Motor Head orIron Maiden are some first metal bands that have been noted as "Metal Gods". some songs that have been played by bands like the beatles have been noted as some of the first metal songs. songs like Helter Skelter, in a gadda da vida for their hard fast or even low note playing style. There are many legends that come with the comical aspect of metal, they include metal gods, titans and even great warriors. many of this are included in bands like ManOwaR's songs. they sing of war and glory, many things spoken of in many medivel times legends. Metal heads often bang their heads back in forth and creat the devil horns using their pinky and pointer in a mean of appretiation and respect for the music genre. many people that do not listen to metal do not understand that to a metal head it is a religion in it's own. many people have stereotypes towards a metal head. sadly metal is now a genre of music that does not have the same respect it did say 30 years ago. i personally believe that metal is a genre of music with many great artists that have written about many important world issues, not the stereotypical evil and satan! In the words of Tenacious D "The Metal will live on!"
Metalhead unite!!
by THEheadbanger October 21, 2009
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A person who enjoy metal as a whole. He respects the people who devote their life to learning and playing heavy metal riffs, face melting solos, and killer drum lines.
The rocker is a metalhead.
by Fisky May 29, 2007
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Metal head -metal listener that is often described as a drunkard, party crazed, or a fighter, but these are mostly stereotypes. Metalheads possess and eclectic taste for music.Metalheads tend to have a powerful dislike towards the close-minded and mainstream. The majority tend to be fairly liberal, easy going, free willed, and don't care what society wants, tend to think abstractly and have insightful thoughts, and can be found frequently air guitaring/ drumming in public.They know true metal, and don't argue it. Many harbor a great dislike for emo kids and wiggers/rap music (not real talent). 95% can play an instrument, and are also very loud due to blasting music. Metal lyrics are often political, philosophical, or poetic . Metal music is very often stereotyped as “ satanic devil related material” or "kill your mother" type. (If this were true, metal bands wouldn't sell as many albums or be as popular morons! Who hates their mom anyway?) This is the worst stereotype of them all and the reason many don’t give metal a chance. Metal lyrics also deal with independence, pride, and free will.Metalheads don't care to explain themselves, as their quite modest, and hate having to do so.Most metalheads don't preach metal and are not evangelical. If your not a metalhead,or at least respect the talent, we don't want you listen to the symphonic genius and ecstasy that flows from the metal gods because we probably don't care and don't like you anyway!
by JWEBER121 December 04, 2009
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