Here's the real definition:
Someone who listens to or will listen to "ANY" metal at all regardless of how lame , gay or shitty it is , how sucky it is , how posery it is , how bad it sounds , how attrocious or horrid or retarded or gay the singing or vocals is , or how bad its message is or how pointless and stupid the lyrics are.If you find any of these people's taste in music suspect they will just claim that you don't know metal or that you just don't understand it because you are mainstream and therefore you don't understand how underground it is.A metalhead is afraid to call any metal bad.In their eyes every metal band that has ever existed is good.That's why you will find most listening to shit music like GnR , Motley Crue , Iron Maiden , Mercyful Fate , Slipknot or Lamb of God unashamedly rather than admit that they suck.
a metalhead has bad taste
#blood #death #hell #satan #666 #waaaaaaa
by ha hahahahahahaha September 08, 2006
The true definition of a poser
Anyone who is any kind of dedicated listener to any type heavy metal crap music.
Good metal is fucking rarer than freedom.Therefore to be devoted to metal just means that you are a blind follower of shitty music who just assumes it's good and makes you cool simply because it's in the "heavy metal" category.
metalhead 's are such poofters
#disco fags #new wave dicks #rap tards #nazis #satanists #meth heads #tattooed pierced arse fags #carnies #goths #wiggers #hair metal queer pussies
by kill hippies September 05, 2006
A metal fan.
People who call themselves Metalheads usually refuse to believe that anything besides their underground/old music is total shit and unbearable. Innovation is against the metal rules in their book. Of course not all metal heads are like this, but the one who try to stand out as hardasses are. If the band isn't "true" then it's shitty in their eyes. Nu-metal such as System of a Down, Slipknot, and Korn are too weak for them so they call everyone who listens to it "faggots". They usually categorize nu-metal listeners as faggots following the mainstream, yet they still listen to the same shit their "Metal head" dads listened to.

Some new metal is good, some black metal is good, some death metal is good, some of everything is good. Grow the fuck up.

by teh pwnerer lee July 18, 2005
- a blind follower of metal
- likes any and all metal
- a metalhead is somebody who can't rattle off a list of bands without incuding atleast one or more shitty bands that makes you want to beat their asses for their sheer fagitude
suck my big fat cock metalhead
#poser #fake #pretend to be tough #ignorant #lacking taste and therefore style #doesnt have a clue
by your an ignorant poser September 10, 2006
Very closed minded assholes with a penchant for all that is goth , lame and goth and gay and shitty and dark and evil and pussified.Anything that is not all goth and faggy sounding and/or looking the metal head will attack with intense hatred.Metal heads are goth fags who hate rock.The evidence for this is in how militantly they support all things goth and shitty sounding/looking while badmouthing the shit out of anything that isn't all dark and shitty and goth.
Metal Heads are fucked up little snot=nosed mama's boys/rich punks who have no ear for music and have no musical taste.They go by 'goth' alone when deciding on what constitutes 'metal' music.Whether or not the music is any good or not never enters into it.It's all about how goth it is and to me that means SHIT MUSIC but the metal head will swear up and down by this GOTH NOISE/SHIT MUSIC and defend it adamantly by stating how awesome the guitar solo is.I hope you now understand how metal heads are really militant GOTH FAGS who hate ROCK!!!!
#metal homos have no taste in music or singers #metal sucks #goth sucks #emo sucks #rap sucks #mtv sucks #disco sucks
by buttpluggers must die March 02, 2006
Stupid metal heads have mullets and do meth,yes
especially in the 80's did they,yes
#mullet heads #meth heads #shitheads #dickheads #fuckheads #cockheads #goths #trendy cunts
by Yoda yo! October 08, 2005
A Metalhead is simply put,a fag and a pussy who has shitty fucking taste in music.
Metalheads are extreme fags who are stuckup,arrogant,and proud to listen to shitty music.And they are just plain ugly and ignorant.
#gay #ugly #fags #snobs #try hard rich kids #pussies #cunts #stuckup #arrogant #have shitty taste #lack brains and balls #are retarded cocksucking faggots
by fuckyou mental metal cunts June 09, 2006
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