A metal head is just a happy goth, unlike goth we have more fun we go out we dont wear shit loads of make up and think about death all of the time. But aswell as not being like Goths in a way we are becasue i personally am against the corporation, and for once im just not one of the people who say that for the hell of it because in fact i studie law and politics at collage, and for i fact know how badly this whole country is being run. Unlike those fuck off little 12 wannabe blond hair 'goths' who for some reason think its cool to be uncool. then after their friends start spending £120 on a nike jacket they decide they dont was to be uncool anymore.
Slayer, Panter, Metallica, In Flames, R.A.T.M and Slipknor Rock!!
by Daniel January 23, 2005
Here is the true defintion.

The most important fact about a metal head is a person who is dedicated to the music. Not just classic metal or thrash or death metal. Nu Metal is metal to. I listen to all kinds of music death metal, thrash metal, and even Nu Metal. You people who are saying that Korn or Limp Bizkit are not true metal bands are not true metal heads so much as closed minded people who are afraid of change.

Another important part of being a metal head is you have to be a loner and only hang out with other metal heads. They can often be aggressive from being isolated from the rest of the world. However, they're very friendly towards fellow metal heads. They are not always likely to win in a fight like some have said. Many are wimps from sitting inside and listening to music or playing their instruments all day.

Many metal heads have longer hair but it's not a necessity. Leather is also not necissary and I prefer to not have it. Some heads wear clothes that are a little darker (not goth but similar) but again, it's not necisarry.

Gestures include swinghead back and forth with the rhythm of music which has been mentioned. But you guys forgot one important gesture. Devils horns. Index finger and pinky extended into the air.

Metal heads also have to be rebels. They do whatever they want whenever they want but they are not always lawless. They are much less likely to kill people than a rapper.
Ozzy Osbourne
James Hetfield
Johnathon Davis
Chester Bennington
Me and my crew.
by Okita-Kun August 04, 2005
A person who listens to heavy metal non stop.

-Jeans. These can be found baggy as shit, or tight (veteran's style). Blue or black.
-Band shirt. Usually black with band logo or picture of band smeared across front. Concert shirts are a norm, they're a badge of honor.
-Hoody. Black, band logo.
-Chain. Long chain hanging from pants to scare the preps.
-Piercings. Traditional ear piercings are casual. Eyebrow is accepted as well.
-Hair. Either shoulder length or shaved.

Location: At Heavy metal concert or asleep in bed. At school can be found wandering the hallways playing airguitar, headbanging violently, or muttering, "infamous butcher, Angel of Death!!!"

Trademark: Quick flash of devil horns with hand to random victim.

Accepted bands:
-Lamb of God
-Mudvayne, etc...
Shawna: "Where's Kevin?"
Sebastian: "He must be at the library"
Zack: "Are you kidding me? That Metalhead is at the motherfucking SLAYER conert!!!"
by SLAYtanic January 29, 2005
Someone who listens to heavy-metal or death-metal music.
Check out that metal-head with the mohawk and piercings, dude!
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
a person so obseesed with being more hardcore than his other metalhead companions that he will strive to buy the latest CKY t-shirts and sweatbands so he can pose with greater chance of being noticed by the general public as a metalhead, they are often so caught up in looking the part for others to see they do not pay proper attention to the music and there only sense of enjoyment in belonging to the movement is when someone says "lol you such a metalhead" and they shrug and say "na not really" their stomach does butterflies because you have acknowleged them.

they also swear over exessively.
metalhead 1- man i just bought the new CKY CD it ABSOLUTELY FUCKING RULES!!!!

metalhead 2- OH MY FUCKING GOD MAN i cant believe you got that first im a way better fan


other guy - couldnt you just listen to the CD you so desperatly squabble over

metalheads - *think*"other guy is such a poser hes just a fanboy were real metalheads"*think*

metalheads - goddamn fucking fanboy

other guy - im past caring, go home

metalhead 1- *thinks "he so thought i was a hardcore metalhead, fuck yea goddamn bastard pussy im so hardcore" *thinks*

#metalhead #poser #lame #metal #cky
Metal Heads are guys or girls who wear ripped jeans blue or black,sometimes denim vests,cowboy boots,have mainly long hair{sometimes moptops}and have some kind of band appear like hats,shirts,or hoddys.Theres not many of them but there definietly the coolest group of people around{exept for new metal heads}.They keep to them selfs most of the time but can cause a seen sometimes and say stupid stuff.Also there not the brightest group of people.
Good Metal:Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath,Metallica,Slayer,Mega Death,tool,and Life of agony{1993-1997}.Its what real metal heads listen to.
Gay metal:slipnot,all that crap on headbangers ball,and and Nirvanna
by Vinny I September 17, 2005
metal heads go by what's popular and goth and give lots of thumbs down to anyone unpopular who takes a shit upon their fag-goth pussy shit noise wuss music

a metal head is nothing but yet another pussy conformist little fashionista bitch who follows whatever the crowd says is cool

any metal head will like tons of shit bands

old-skool Rockers weed out the shit and only love all of the really good shit and we say whatever the fuck we want when we want and don't conform to what the man is selling

gay ass trends = brainwashing

real shit has staying power and isn't just some fetishey bullshit for braindead city tards with aids
I will smash your metal-head on a fucking rock and piss on it.

ROCK & FUCKING ROLL you little satanic pimples.

I will burn you and then do a 10 minute solo.
#satanic cow fucking music #lame #gay #nwo mind control programming #goth #bullshit
by metal is superficial bullshit March 18, 2008
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