Metalheads are fans of the Heavy Metal genre of music. Most are usually defined by wearing denim, leather, band shirts and having long hair, though this is not compulsory to be a metalhead. Stereo-types have emerged of the metalhead and while some do hold truth for many, many metalheads, they might not be true for some. For instance, the pre-conception that all who listen to metal MUST be satanic, is a misconception. Though there do exist those who do follow satanic practices, most metalheads tend to be atheistic in their beliefs, though many metalheads can still be seen following Christianity or other religions.

Personalities vary, but the vast majority of metalheads are honestly great people, who are mostly easy to get on with. Some tend to be argumentative, defending their opinions with some vigor and if you get on their wrong sides, it is often they are quite confrontational. However, they are mostly nice people. They are also incredibly passionate about their music, with it becoming a large part of their lives, in both fashion and attitudes. This does come with a warning, in that a huge majority are very defensive if their music is insulted and will have no problem schooling you on just how badass heavy metal is. If curious about the music, just ask them. It is guaranteed that many of them are experts in their field.
by Metadeth January 12, 2014
a hardcore fan of heavy metal. we’re willing to defend our music till death we tend to be very political but dont always have to be.metalheads can be very deep thinkers or could be really stupid we aren’t always drunk or high all of the time.often associated with goths and emos THIS IS WRONG we’re not always depressed/hate life.we do believe that there is a darker side to life but we know evil lurks everywhere and try to uncover it we know life aint always going to be a fairy tale We’re very independent n believe in self freedom and you can do want you want.we dont really care about money because we know there is more to life than money and spending the rest of your life working your ass off for nothing.we’re very opposed to trends mainstream sellouts pop conformity close minded and sometimes society. There is no standard for dress but the basic is a denim vest with patches of our favorite bands and or a black leather jacket fav. band shirts underneath with usually denim tight jeans with either high top sneakers or boots and has long or short can add or take away what you want from style.what makes you a MH is your love for metal you have not the clothes. we tend to read through people to see what they are about alot. we are about realizing that there are problems in our life that typiclly have to do with politics and society and getting rid of them we’re very loyal to our favorite bands and we’ll never stop listening to those bands that’s why metal lives.
sorry for my spelling had to edit this and my keyboard sucks
by da1995 January 23, 2012
The fricking awesomest qlique/group the world has ever known. We hate preps, goths emos,and anything mainstream. We dress however we want to, usually with band t-shirts, but sometimes with others usually black.
Rapper:Hey look, its a metalhead! lets go laugh at him.
*five minutes later*
Metalhead covered in blood:Oops....whatever.
by Kingzombie February 24, 2009
(sry im leaving out many bands but i dont have very much time rite now...)

Listener of heavy metal...

not a pussy wanna be but the true follower of the music... not someone who listens to korn, slipknot(with the exeption of the earlier albums), limp biskit. but the bands tha the music was based on such as iron butterfly, to Black Sabbath, to the British new wave Iron maiden and judas priest, to slayer, then to the vast metal divide to the various death,black, doom, etc... catogories...

headbanger with pride who has the music running through his/her viens...

someone who wouldn't goto blink 182 concert

someone who died inside when Celine Deon covered 'you shook me all night long'

someone who doesn't do the chicken dance at october fest (vince niel stay true to the music my friend)
that pussy wanna be listening to korn... he thinks hes a metal head...

iron maiden fan... dude u fukin metalhead...
by Cravin Morehead March 30, 2005
Explicitly, a metalhead likes metal music. A metalhead will travel if they have to, to see their heroes preform. The roadtrip is not a defining feature, but does demonstrate the level of commitment a metalhead has and is an essential element to almost any movie about metalheads. Metalheads recognize that jazz flute is not a an element of metal music and therefore does not recognize Jethro Tull as a metal band. Metalheads recognize that clothes are just clothes, but will beat down the kid in the pit who is wearing a Jethro Tull or Justin Beiber tee. All metalheads hate Justin Beiber especially and recognize him as everything that is wrong in the world. Metalheads have made a life long commitment to the genre and once they give up metal (very few do) completely, only then are they no longer metalheads. The metalhead lifestyle does require concert attendance or else you are either a closet metalhead or a lapsed metalhead. Concerts are like the metalhead church. Concerts are defined as at least a band playing metal music and any number of people listening. Finally, a metalhead recognizes the pirchfork/devilhorn hand gesture as the official metalhead blessing and knows that the forks are the creation of the metal pioneer, Ronnie James Dio, rest his soul.
That metalhead dude never misses a Slayer show if its within 100 miles of him. He will take time off of work and make personal sacrifices to make it there.
by odoyle040 July 17, 2014
A person who listens to metal music. Almost all metalheads are white and male, although they can of course be any race or gender.

One common feature of almost all true metalheads is a disdain for "fake metal" genres, that are often considered to be metal by the rest of society, such as nu-metal (e.g. Korn, Slipknot, Linkin Park), metalcore (e.g. Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine) and screamo (e.g. Alexisonfire, The Used, Underoath). Metalheads tend to consider such genres immature, referring to them as "mallcore". Metalheads usually hate to be erroneously associated with these types of music. Metalheads also hate to be associated with goths.

Other common features among metalheads tend to be black clothes, long hair, beards, tattoos, piercings and band tees. However most metalheads agree that it is not fashion, but passion for music, that defines a metalhead.

Drugs are not integral to metalhead culture, though the vast majority drink alcohol and a lot also smoke weed, while a smaller number do harder drugs.

Metalheads tend to be very intelligent people, with a lot actually being quite nerdy. They're generally not violent, except when moshing (an aggressive form of dancing) at concerts.
At British universities, metalheads tend to congregate at so-called "Rocksocs". That is to say, "Rock Societies" or "Rock and Metal Societies".
by subcultures+genres May 11, 2012
A metalhead is someone with a "if you don't like me, FUCK YOU" attitude. Someone who lives eats and breathes metal, someone whos passion revolves around metal, in my oppinion, the true definition of a metalhead, is someone who respects themselves, and others who live amongst them. We as metalheas have no boundaries, and will not obey to your plain society, we are who we choose, and no one person or any creature can controll us or our oppinions we live as people of our own free will, and that will, is metal. May it live forever.
One day, my english teacher asked me," Why did you paint your nails black?"
I respnded with,"Because I'm a fucking metalhead and we will never die."

(later that day I got a detention...)
by Netherchild May 04, 2010

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